Casey Printers

Printers, who has yet to play this spring, was frustrated with his situation. He and coach Wally Buono met earlier this week to clear the air. He has this year left on his contract at a chicken-feed $65,000 but the Lions have reportedly offered him a three-year $1 million deal which was not accepted. The two sides say they won't talk again until the season is over, which may directly coincide with Printer's departure to the NFL.

He is the Mvp
He got dissed by not starting in the grey cup
He still wants to play here
He is worth at least the same as DD is making

whats the deal???

Come on Wally get it done!!!!!!!

thats ok, next year bc has to let one go. probly the younger one and the older one will retire soon. bad move BC

you dont have to worry about salary cap i would get him a juicy contract

Thing is, he won't go to the NFL if he doesn't play this year.

Nah, he will report to an NFL traning camp and show his impressive skills and the NFL will take him in.

Kanga is likely right that the NFL would look at him even if he is sitting this year. Right now Casey has to get rid of the injury problem he has which is stopping him from getting in games.

I've been following the radio chatter in Vancouver regarding Casey and the local media consensus seems to be this:

He had one breakout season with the best recieving core in the league, and deserves a raise.

He was offered a $1 million contract over 3 years, which would include this year.

He feels he should be paid Ricky Ray money($1.5million/3y), despite only having 1 super season, and no NFL experience(he's 23-24)

The media here feels Casey was built up by his agent to think he's worth more then he is, and is making a mistake by rejecting the offer, and sulking about it, they also feel that he should try and get the deal back if possible.

As it is now, he's making $65k, unable to play due to injury, and will not get a look by any NFL team if he doesn't play this year.

NFL Player Personal reps from numerous teams have told him he will need 1-2 more solid years in the CFL or a comparable league to be ready to crack an NFL roster even as a backup.

I have no dounbt he will play in the NFL, but he should seriously suck it up, take his $1million bucks, and focus on healing, and playing for the next 3 years, then go tear it up down south and never look back

i still have yet to hear anyone OFFICIAL from the team verify the 1 million dollar offer... it got thrown out there by "a source close to the team" and the media picked up on it like wildfire...

Looks like a good move right now by the Lions not to offer him more. Considering he is "so called" hurt (physically or feelings), he should get $65K. Imagine if he had signed at the $1M, we'd be paying for an injured player.

I really like Printers but westcoast is correct in saying his agent (uncle) is giving him bad advice and it's starting to make Printers look like a whiny baby. Hope he works it out with the Lions. Would love to see him remain in BC.

you are forgetting, casey has played in the cfl, therfore making him obsolete for the nfl. NFL has a thing against good cfl players, look at flutie. they have to pull their heads out of ther buts and learn that some good players can come from the CFL

CBC broadcasts are a nice luxury to have when you don't like baseball. As I've stated, I've grown up with CFL coming from Detroit and was hurt when CBC decided to not broadcast games until freakin' Labor Day over the last few years. It's good that they have started broadcasting games during the first week of the season.

Now, I want to see the skilled players and the most skilled player in the league is riding the pine. GET WITH IT BC. PLAY PRINTERS NOW!


Get with the program. There is another thread on this topic. Why don't you post there instead of starting a new post every time.?

West Coast...You are bang on with your comments. Only thing to add, is once Casey has gotten over his injury, he should accept the Lions offer, and then perform well on the field. Then the opportunities to earn more (Here or the NFL) will be there!