Casey Printers

l was listening to the fan yesterday and heard them talking about the argos going after him next year, the cats have to get another starter in here to challange jason for that QB spot and Casey wouldn't be a bad choice. Come july 1st or whenever the free agency begins another starter should be priority number 1.

They Could Speak to The Chiefs as Soon Trent Green Is Recovered.. The Chiefs #1 QB Is Just Recovering from a Concussion

so Printer is #3 on the Roster Behind Damon Huard Brodie Croyle

Once Green Has Recovered
He'll back on Practice roster.

Then we ask to Speak to him..

I second this motion!!

Updated Looks like Printers will move up to #2 This week..

Damon Huard Is Injured
Brodie Croyle May Start for Chiefs This week.
This means Printers could be #2 This week

Forget about Casey, l just read he signed a 3 year extension with the chiefs

Our $ would be better spent on new receivers, new D-Linemen and a new American kicker who can do both punting and field goals.

Maas is capable when healthy.

Casey puts the "I" in team in my opinion. Although talented (see Craig Yeast) maybe not the right leader for our team?

That's just so they can add him to the 53 man roster with 2 QB's hurt. He'll almost certainly be waived and then resigned to the practice roster once Huard and/or Green is healthy. The 3 years means nothing. Contracts are not guaranteed and are voided when a player is waived.

Very good..

Keep dreamin'...Casey won't be back next year. A second year on the PR might bring him back, but not one...and who wants him if he hasn't played for 2 years? Though not playing for two years may make him a little more humble.

If Huard is a no go Printers will see action today, Croyle is complete garbage and is only listed as the number three guy because he was a third round pick. I doubt they'll stick with Croyle for more than a half.

well Huard played...but they didn't need him anyways with Larry Johnson running the show

At this stage Croyle is miles ahead of Printers. The team likes his poise and big game experience. Injuries are the only real concern. I'd be surprised if Printers even makes the practice roster next year.

"Maas is capable when healthy."

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

You have to be kidding!!!!!!!

But I agree with you about the need for D-linemen.

Printers has been returned to the practice roster.