Casey Printers -worst qb in CFL?

After witnessing another bust game by Printers I am wondering if he is not the worst starting qb in the league.
What is his win/loss record for the Lions when finishing a game? Wally, time to turn the page and cancel the Casey experiment.
Mygawd, what did he have for passing yardage in the first half - 60 yards. What is he paid- highest in the league for a qb??
Glenn, Cavilho, Durant, Ray, Burris, are definetly better and I am starting to believe Jyles/ Pierce, and Lemon are better too.

Printers took Hamilton for all he could get$$$, and gave us nothing in return :thdn: casey fan _NOT!

He is actually better than Cleo Lemon, who really sucks as Argo's QB.

Jyles is easily better.

Lemon on the other hand.. no, although he has a reason for it as it's so rare for someone to be a very effective QB in their first CFL season