casey printers week 7

is casey printers playing this week?


He has a hangnail.

The season is over. It honestly started with a fair amount of hope. Not Grey Cup hope... but a .500 record hope. That is gone now.

I still think Printers is by far the best QB on the team. Followed by Chang. Williams... don't buy in to the hype.

Then there is Jesse. Freaking amazing runner. Literally RUNS OVER people... for a few games a year. When he's out it messes with the ratio and our game plan. Man... even in college he was a bandaide. Dude, I think you're unreal and love seeing you play... but you are sooooooo injury prone.

Rusty word is Obie is beating the bushes looking for Cameron ready to suit up yet?

Obie is beating the bushes looking for help..

are there no shrinks in hamilton??

:twisted: :twisted: :lol:

i totally agree... i dont even think printers hurt his hand that bad. i really dont like when top athletes " call in sick" lol :roll: doesnt matter the ti-cats have a better chance with williams

LOL - that actually made me and the better half laugh out loud!

Way to supply links and proof to back up these claims!

Watching on TSN, I saw Jesse on the sidelines boosting morale for the team. Where was Casey? Could he have provided any advice or support to the team? What a prima donna!!

MMM Humble pie.

So, how do you like your crow served?

THis is typical of you far weather fans. Printers hand is hurt, but I guess you woulod rather see him playing regardless, so that he could be permanently injured. Way to go fans....When a team player is hurt i.e. jessie, casey, and a few others, get rid of them...RIGHT...thats your motto....We lose get rid of the coach...give me a Freakin break....Go job team, good job richie, and I look forward to printers, and lumsden coming back also. Damn the fact that printers has been hit 12 to 13 times every qb can stand up to get the hell knocked out of him every freakin play.....remember argos is in the bottom three teams in the league and we really showed them.....

Printers is still the starter and should play. Williams is only 25, and its good for him to watch on the sidelines.

I'm in the South Side stands but I'm pretty sure I saw Casey there and Jykine Bradley and Tony Miles ... they were all there in street clothes.

The "prima donna" was acting like the consumate pro he is by being in the booth with the offensive co-ordiantor.

So, he was learning and was likely "providing advice and support".

Why such unfounded accusations, Smoke9?

Why do you think he was not supporting the team?