Casey Printers update

From the website:


Best line of the article:

“Fans are getting restless in the middle of their third straight losing season, and some have even begun to attack owner Bob Young in online forums, even though he saved the franchise from near extinction four years ago.”

You all must be very proud of yourselves!

  • paul

Heh did you listen to the 5th quarter after the last game...


And is a QB going to save us? Not with the blocking I saw the last 2 games.

Why do we need an update every 2 minutes. The only update that matters is when he signs.

You all must be very proud of yourselves!
Give me a break!!!!!!!! Does someone need a hug????? Come on now a little consrtuctive criticism doesn't hurt anyone! We can only hope to learn from our mistakes!

I don't think many people are turning on Mr Young, they have just had enough of the caretaker bid... and losing ball games!!!

It starts from the TOP and thats what he is.....the Owner!!!!!

Casey Printers alone will not save this team, just like Greg Marshall, Jason Maas, Corey Holmes, and or Jason Armstead!!!!!

We spend our $ every its his turn!!!!!
We are WAY under the cap!!!!!!!
Fix it!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said .......

P.S Bob......I am sorry if I have offened you but frankly....your team has been offending many for a few years now!!!!!!
If there is any way that I can make amends I will give it my utmost attempt
Now lets shake and move on together ( all of us ) in the right direction...

And if I am still part owner I do want to watch from the sidlines. Please mail me my pass!!!!!! I must not have received it with my season tickets package!


No Kidding. :roll: As if Bob Young was the problem! :roll:

What would you prefer I talk about? The playbook? No, how about Timmy Chang? Wait, no, Charlie Taaffe. How about Marcel Desjardin? Those topics seem to be exhausted at this point.

We are in the best position to sign a former MVP of the league at the most important position in the CFL, one we are sorely lacking in. So I thought it warranted an update.

You don't have to click on the link you know ...

  • paul

No!!!!!! I don't need a hug!!!!!! There just isn't an icon with a tongue in a cheek, so I thought the winking eye would suffice!!!!!!!

You can exhale now!!!!!!

  • paul

Paul:THANKS you are so right people here have a very short memory. To all you winers. Think before you say things. Always remember that when you are mad you say things that are and sound stupid. Remember it is you guys that keep telling management and staff this one that one has to go. It's no wonder the players want to leave as soon as they can. With such fickle fans as most of you. I am a die hard fan and am very proud of it. Just remember we have 25 new players new coaches and a revolving door. All we need is to give these young players a chance. There is no excuse for the nasty things I have read and heard. I bet a lot of you don't even go to the game for one excuse or the other. I also know there are legit people who would love to be there but just can't. i know there will be a lot of slack from this so before you say anything. THINK. Whatever happened to WIN LOSE OR DRAW they are my team. :oops: :oops: by so called fans. pat_cat

Get your own Bob-Attack sticks right over here, hot and fresh, Bob-Attack sticks right over here... :lol:

lol I like the updates!!!!!!!!!!
Pay no nevermind to Drex on this one!!!

You can exhale now!!!!!!
No need brother.....i'm always chillin!!!!! Just sometimes , some people don't want to hear what I have to say. maybe I'm way off or they are blind!!!!! Two sides to every coin.....just want Bob to start useing them!!!


Get your own Bob-Attack sticks right over here, hot and fresh, Bob-Attack sticks right over here...
Not attaking Mr Young at all, only stating the obvious.

He is the only one who can fix this mess and a good way to start is to get off the wallet and play catch up with the other teams ( The Cap!!!!!! )
Please don't make this out to be more than iit is!!!!!!!
The drama on this site is a tad haughty and overbearing!!