Casey Printers to start against Saskatchewan

umm not quite there, if you win and calgary loses...yes you have 1st...if you win and calgary wins than you have 2nd and calgary is in sole possession of 1st again

I believe what he's getting at Jakob is that who would have thought that we were going to fight for first place this late in the season. Most people predicted that we would be fighting for the last playoff spot or downright miss the playoffs all together. With that being said with last week tie between Sask and Calgary, that pretty much open the door for BC. The Lions controls there own destiny. They win out the rest of the season. First place is there for the taking.

hey guys, before you start saying this is bull and rumors, how about look it up? yesterday on the news, it said he was starting, and in an interview Casey even said he was starting.


I think a number of guys did look it up and were wondering what Morningdew's source was. Morningdew made his comment back on Monday saying Printers would play. The only information available didn't appear to come out until Wednesday in a news article and even then it was not definite. The article said he was "expected" to play or will "likely" play. It wasn't until Thursday that Wally Buono made it official which you just point out again. For me it was a case of rumor vs fact. I don't know about the other guys but that is why I razzing him. :lol:

Jacob7 "umm not quite there, if you win and calgary loses...yes you have 1st"

.....yes I believe I said that in an earlier post.

well morningdew.... you were right.. good on ya

Given the last 4 or so years here in BC and all the predictions of who will be the QB for any given week it's very hard not to be skeptical when people say '(insert QB name here) is starting this week' when they provide no source and the coach is still saying he still expects (insert other QB name here) to be starting.... which Buono did until yesterday.

And as for the article... i still think it was premature for the anonymous author to say Printers is expected to start when they did not have any confirmation from anyone inside the Lions organization. On top of that it was very unprofessional to release it without fact checking as 3 errors is 3 too many for something that someone gets paid to write. As such it was even harder to trust it as an even somewhat reliable source.

In any case... you were right.. it was a good prediction on your part and i will now insert foot in mouth :slight_smile:

Geroyfan... please check the dates of our posts doubting the validity of the Printers starting post and article... we doubted it before Buono named the starter.

regardless of how good either printers or lulay may be, the will NEVER, I repeat NEVER, be another Flutie, specially in the CFL.

Do not ever say that "n" word. If anybody has learned anything abou the CFL is that just about anything is possible which is why I love this league! :thup:

if you did say it in a earlier post i missed it...but im pretty sure i read every post in this thread...either way calgary won tonight making 1st unnattainable this week...but dear god do i hope you shit pump those riders tomorrow...ill have to find some orange and black to where tomorrow LOL as long as i dont go in public lol jk. but either way id rather play you guys for the west final again than ssk...i hate ssk and i hate their fans...this is digging the memory banks a little lol but i was seated next to a couple bc fans last year in the west final and they were some of the most classy opposing fans ive encountered. for one of the very few times during the season i will actually say GO LIONS GO...just for tomorrow anyways :smiley:

Appreciate the kudos, Jakob7, about the B.C. Lions fans. For the most part we’re pretty civilized although some of the fans who have gotten drunk tend to lose it. Speaking of which…wasn’t it in Saskatchewan that full beer cans were being thrown at the B.C. Lions bench last year by some of the Saskatchewan watermelon heads?

Yes, Calgary whooped Edmonton last night. I lamented for the rest of the evening, could not be romantic in front of the fireplace with my wife and howled in the moonlight for an hour. I was really hoping the game would have been closer but Byrant and Burris played an awesome game. So, now we play for sole possession of second spot…at least for this week. I hope Printers is red hot and the B.C. Lions are firing on all cylinders. If the game starts off like the Winnipeg/B.C. game last week I’ll have a heart attack. I’m pretty sure Saskatchewan will be looking to take Printer’s head off if they can get away with it.

Durant needs to put on his duff multiple times. Fantuz needs to be covered well. And B.C.'s front 4 need to come up with the game of their lives.

If we beat Saskatchewan it will be make a stellar showdown against Calgary on Halloween night in B.C. Place. It will be like a playoff game! That game will be for top spot in the West!..IF…we beat Saskatchewan today.

If I’m not mistaken, if B.C. wins its 3 remaining games we will host the Western Final. I shall be in football heaven if that happens.

One thing I’m puzzled about; The TV broadcasters at the Calgary/Edmonton game kept stressing that Edmonton needs to look now at the cross over and that they might not even make the playoffs. That sounds a little premature to me. Mathematically, if Edmonton wins their remaining games and B.C. loses all 3 of theirs, then Edmonton finishes in at least 3rd spot in the west. But of course B.C. is going to win their 3 remaining games aren’t they? Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaa- ono…

I doubt we'll host the West Final, but hosting the West Semifinal is very atainable!