Casey Printers to start against Saskatchewan

So happy to see Casey Printers get the start against Sask. I hope he kicks ass


I heard Buono on the Team this afternoon and i'm pretty sure he said Travis is our man.

Nice try , starting rumours are we!

Bull excrement


Check the date/year on the papers you are reading. Are they dated 2006? This is the 2009 season! He hasn't been with the team since 2006. Where have you been? Just thought you might like to know. :lol:

Lulay should start I think, although Printers has an absolute Rocket of an arm, can probably throw the ball and hit the roof of the dome and good wheels, I think Lulay will get a chance until he struggles--

Printers is pretty damn good, might be one of the best QBs to ever come to the CFl with his excellent play and great plays he makes, but LULAY is on another level--

Lulay is a junior BREES with superb speed-- He can outrun any D lineman, he has a good first step and can throw on the run and is very cerebral and can process defenses like no other qb in this league--

Lulay was too fast for the entire winnipeg front 7 and is going to be another FLUTIE, the guy just wins, reminds me of a Brady or Favre, he is that good--
He should be starting in the NFL for a team for sure, he can throw a perfect ball, the ball spirals perfectly in the air and is very catcheable--

SASK will find out the hard way this weekend, as LULAY runs cirlces around their defense-- hell Sask might need some greyhound dogs on defense to track down lulay--

Sask is in big trouble this weekend vs lulay

Ya it looks like BC has some decent back QB's in Lulay and Printers, soon to be regular starters.

Will this be Buck's last year? He has to think about his health, more important than the game.

[quote]"Printers is pretty damn good, might be one of the best QBs to ever come to the CFl with his excellent play and great plays he make".. What play!! he hasnt played since his time with the ti -cats and they punted him! Quinton porter and Williams were chosen because THEY WERE BETTER !!! .and no other teams wanted him , Wally is tryin to adjust him and bring him along , maby he can make him a smarter QB but the other coaches in the league have seen enough , hopefully wally's ego hasnt got the best of him, being the best QB developer in the league and to say Printers might be one of the best QBs to ever come to the CFl is a lack of knowledge and respect on your part!

Sorry, but what made you jump back on the bangwagon??? What was your last post you started Cobra..LIONS FUTURE LOOKS VERY BLEAK!!
Printers is a good QB , But your telling us of his great plays from what 5 years ago .
This is the same QB that was a first stringer to a third stringer on the worst football team last year.
And all of a sudden BC throw in a couple of wins in a row, and Luluy plays almost a full game and you make him the second coming of Flutie? Let the kid grow and mature first. Its one game. If Lulay doesn't reach your expectation, are you going to kick him to the side like you did with Wally and the rest of the team this year?

I believe the last CP post you put up about four weeks ago was Casey Printer should start against Sask!!! Im so happy you start a thread with no source at all.

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Obviously he knows things you guys do not.

I seen this report earlier today and i call the Lions on this one nice bluff, I dont believe Lulay is hurt, nice try though :roll: Printers wont start

Wally's just propbably trying to get the Rider's D to second guess who'll start.

To that i would counter that obviously the OP was stirring the pot. Obviously whoever wrote that article knows next to nothing about the CFL and doesn't even bother to fact check. And obviously everything you read must be true.

Just because some anonymous writer for The Canadian Press writes Printers will start without any confirmation from anyone inside the Lions organization doesn't make it so.

For starters... the author makes 3 factual errors...
#1) "The 2005 Most Outstanding Player" - wrong.... Casey was the 2004 MOP
#2) "while Jarious Jackson, the starter at the beginning of the season" - wrong again... Buck was the starter at the beginning of the season
#3) "signed with Hamilton upon his return to Canada last year" - and wow.. wrong yet again... that would be 2 years ago

Those 3 errors leads me to believe this author doesn't really follow the league as #1 and #3 are no brainers for anyone that keeps track of the CFL.

Also.. based on a lack of confirmation from anybody and sentences like this.. "will likely get the nod because he is the healthiest quarterback with considerable CFL experience" the author is clearly speculating

To add to all of that... according to Buono in an interview on the Team 1040 yesterday, he expects Lulay to get the start. Lulay himself said in an interview today that he expects to play as long as he doesn't have too much pain in his shoulder.

The author seems to be basing his/her assumption on the fact that Printers took first unit reps today, but that can be explained by a more likely scenario than Printers getting the start. Lulay is sore... Buono is giving him an extra day of rest... Buck and JJ are injured... that only leaves 2 QB's to take first unit reps.. and based on the fact that Printers is on the active roster and Champion is not... Printers would take those reps.

The person that first 'broke' this was Dave Naylor of the Globe and Mail. Usually I consider him to be nothing more than a moron who tries to seem controversial - however this time he at least got the fact that Printers took 1st string reps today correct. That's the only news here, the rest is just written puke.


You are out to lunch. Printers played one good season as a pro 5 years ago; and Lulay hasnt started a game yet. (I wonder what you would have said way back when the Lions brought in Major Harris)
I like Lulay but either way its gonna be a big test this weekend.

Someone's wrong on the internet?

Are you finally going to admit that I was right about CP starting?

I was at practice today. My eyes don't lie. Lulay couldn't throw farther than 5 yards.


If you are right and Printers does get the nod I shall be forever groveling at your Either you are a good guesser or there was a leak of some sort from those in the know. But you must admit, there is quite a difference between "Casey Printers 'to start' against Saskatchewan" which would require a reliable source to confirm this as official and " Printers,'likely' or 'possibly may' or 'could' start against Saskatchewan which is harmless speculation. Chronicguy did well to point out all of the errors in the article. Makes one question the credibility of the writer and the article. Why don't these writers do their research anyway?

Personally I will be happy no matter who starts. Printers is talented and has some excellent offensive players to hand the ball off to or to throw to. I just hope the B.C. fans don't crawl all over him if he throws an interception or fumbles the ball. I don't know how many changes Hamilton made after Printers left but I think in large part Printers did poorly there because of an inept Hamilton offense.

Printers will have superior quality players in front of him this time if he leads the Lions. Compared to Lulay he is more experienced but I think Lulay can and would get the job done if he starts.

Should be a great game. Let's hope it doesn't start off the way B.C./Winnipeg started.

hahah ya ive heard in the news too that he's starting...i like how you crucify the guy for stating this...claim BS on a report written about it...and than when you find out hes right you claim he knows nothing cause he only guessed? you were wrong he was right give the guy credit lol Lulay must actually be hurting tho to throw printers in lol i can see this back firing really quickly unfourtantly lol but i hate the riders so i hope im wrong!!!

Yes...yes morningdew was right all along. I saw the news this afternoon. I was wrong to diss you morningdew by being sarcastic in my post about checking the year of the newspaper you were reading. Can I buy you a case of Mountaindew morningdew? Will that "do"..... I think you are "due". To all the others on the board here. Be men and step up to the plate and admit you was wrong. Morningdew was right and the rest of us we was wrong! Man, were we ever wrong!

Morningdew.... Can you tell us who will win the game on Saturday between Saskatchewan and B.C. What does crystal ball say? And where can I get one of those.

All kidding aside.... this will be a most interesting game with Printers at the helm. Though he tried to downplay the fact that this has become the most important game of the entire season by saying it is just another game, he knows for sure how important this is. I just hope he keeps his head on [in more ways than one] and doesn't go for too many long bombs. If we come out ahead it is first place for the Lions...who would have thunk it?