Casey Printers to Riders or Argos

If you have access to CKNW Audio vault:

On todays 12:15 Sports, Rick Dhaliwahl predicted that Casey Printers will end up in either Toronto or Saskatchewan next year. Hamilton will cut him after the end of the season.

(note on Media Player, the Sports comment is about 19 minutes into the "Audio vault" segment)

We need him more, the Argos situation is much more desperate at QB.

We need something, but do you really think Printers is the answer?

Saskatchewan, really? :?

I made that prediction more than a week ago.

Well it sure beats the status quo.

I haven't seen Printers play too many games after he came back from his stint with the Kansas City Chiefs Practice Roster, but what I did see of him wasn't that impressive. He lost something when he tried the NFL and right now, I dont' think I would want him on my team at all. I'm pretty sure he is going to become like Jesse Palmer and vanish from football. Jesse went to try T.V. and I think Printers will end up in Arena Football. He lost his CFL mojo.

As an Argos fan, I'm not sure if I want Printers on my team.....Yes, granted, Joseph is getting old and only has a year or 2 left but Printers has really only had 1 quality year in the CFL(2004). I don't know, I guess if the price was reasonable I wouldn't mind him playing for the Argos. But the Argos should DEFINITELY not break the bank like Hamilton did and spend half a mill a season on him.

Simply trade printers to the Argos for future considerations.

Why would we want Hamilton's 4th string QB?

If hamilton cuts Printers the only team he will end up with is BC and he will go back to playing like he did when he was with BC to begin with.There is no way in he double hockey sticks Wally Buono will let printers get away a second time.

Regina isn't big enough for Printers' big man on campus attitude and they can't afford him.

Toronto for sure.

Why not? We have Edmonton's 4th stringer starting for us today, backed up by Toronto's second stringer, followed by our third stringer from last year.

I would rather have the second coming of Nealon Greene than have Casey Printers even mentioned in the same sentence as the Riders. Although his style suits the style of the riders offense, his attitude doesnt fit our "team first" mantra and it seems he's lost his edge. Plus there is no way ET is dumb enough to give him the money he is gonna want.

Yea but what he's going to want and what he's going to get are worlds apart after his showing of the last couple of years.

Printers will never play on the Lions. He had one decent season, then he went right into the toilet. In the 2005 season we went 11-0 under Dickenson, he got hurt and we had to go with Printers. We lost 6 of the last 7 due to his mediocre performance. Casey Printers = one hit wonder. Look at his stats after his MOP 2004 season.

2005 stats
131 of 216 pass attempts for 1671 yards, 9 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, with 336 yards rushing and 2 rushing TDs.

Like I said, mediocre at best. Nevermind the attitude problem he has. He basically turned the team upside down with his whining about not being the starter in 2005. To give you an example of how much Wally dislikes him, he came to Vancouver for the 2006 Western Final, probably looking to mend fences as he knew he would never play in the NFL, requested to be able to stand on the sidelines, and Wally said no way, buy a ticket like everyone else.

He lost whatever he had after that shoulder surgery. He's inconsistent, has a bad attitude, and is now very injury prone. Whoever takes him, if anyone does, is just setting themselves up for a major letdown.

Honestly I think he'd more likely end up in Toronto especially if you look at some of the recent moves they've made. They seem to sign big name players who play mediocre or get cut. A lot of former NFL guys have gone to training camp with them.

Printers is useless.

Trade him to the Ottawa Franchise.

Hmmm, now theres a good idea. :twisted: :twisted: Wheres Loonie Glieberman when you need him? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You are probably right....Toronto will get him.

Printers is now officially a "reclamation project". Whoever takes a chance on this guy better have a good psychologist on board because his whole approach to the game needs to be rewired.