Casey Printers to be cut and back to CFL

:thup: Casey Printers, according to a story in the Vancouver Sun today, will be cut from Kansas city and will return to the CFL likely with Toronto after a trade with BC who own his rights. The Lions want no part of him so as not to recreate the QB controversy nightmare of last season. Casey would help the hapless Argos tremendously as his style is suited better to the CFL game.

I just wonder how long it will be until Finnegan comes to play too????????????

Riders Rule!! :wink:

the article was by a sports personality named David Pratt.

where is the link, TB?

Pratt is a Marty York Clone.... be careful on the accuracy!

What does Toronto have that BC Wants? There might be other teams that have more to offer. Just a thought.

...lets see ..leos get Allen...Avery....and a chance to talk with Ricky after the season....good

the article did not say he was going to be cut, only that it was one of the two most likely possibility, the other being the practice squad, which pratt says the smart money is on.

Read the fine print :twisted:

....and besides don't you think a few other nfl clubs maybe wondering what this guy can do.....he's a long way from coming back to the great league... :wink: :roll:

Even Murray Pezzim wouldn't make that deal...I hope.

Its David York, I mean David Pratt, whats the difference? Printers will try all 30 NFL teams before he comes back. I think Chicago was second on his list.

Link please.

all ya gots to do is become a subscriber to the Vancouver Sun on line service.

Ya cheapskate :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

why when you can get it on the homepage officially? or

It doesn't help Casey when their coach is a run nazi, I saw their training camp on nfl network earlier and all they did was run the ball when Casey was in at q.b.

Um, Printers, Avery, Williams, Allen ... salary cap, anyone? And what exactly could Toronto give B.C. to make it worth their while?

I don't think this is going to happen.

I was just over on and the two articles I read did not suggest any such thing as Printers getting cut. In fact they were quite high on him and the one article even suggested he may eventually become their #2 guy.

That would be quite an acheivement in the short term, since he is number 4 right now.

If he gets a chance he will easily show he is better than Huard and their other rookie q.b.

I heard he is showing his teammates how to program their Motorola phones :slight_smile:

stop teasing the BC fans :lol:

Interesting, met some Chief's fans at the Aloha Pro Bowl in Honolulu and they had no idea who he was.
I'm very happy with what we have going now.We don't need Casey nor his phone. :thup: