Casey Printers to arrive Wednesday

Casey Printers will be here Wednesday

what do you mean? just in vancouver, or trying out with the lions?

Oh man I hope they didn't sign that cancer... he couldn't even make it in Hamilton why do we need him? We've got Pierce (As much as I ride him I still like him over Printers any_day_of_the_week.) I'd rather give Lulay a shot than bring Mr. Sulky back.

As long as Printer's has changed his (all about me) attitude and is a team player, I welcome him back. If he is not disruptive to the team, I think he can really help them with what he does best. I feel for Lulay or Champion, but either have much to prove. With that said, yeah the only way to do that is to get playing time. But can you imagine if Buck goes down early against Calgary and Lulay comes in for the rest of the game? It's kind of like throwing him to the wolves. That's how you prove yourself though, he might do well or he might get slaughtered. It's a tough call. At any rate, Lulay better be ready to play, because even if Printers comes in Wednesday, I don't think he will be any where near ready to play Friday. All very interesting!

whats your source?

Maybe he wants to have some of Vera's burgers, they are quite good. :lol:

I think Casey Printers would be a good second string after JJ. Casey feels most comfortable with BC. He won us a grey cup.

Casey Printers will give us insurance, i would rather put him in then lulay.

Jim Mullin on NW said last night that Casey has retained Gil Scott as agent and he'll be in Houston today.

I've been in Houston. I like Houston

Um wat?

I mean no doubt are we a little uncertain at the qb position with jj out for at least 3-5 weeks and buck suffering from so many concussions. I think we need to improve at the qb position and i feel like once we do that our team will improve quite a bit. I think casey could help us out as long as he has changed his attitude from number 1 to a team player. Otherwise he will do us no good.

Here read this:

Someone explain how a Torn Rotator Cuff injury can heal in 3-5 weeks when Baseball pitchers with the same injury can take 4 months to heal after surgery.

3-5 weeks is the time for the swelling to go down. Then there's surgery.

Have the Lions said that Jarious doesn't need surgery? No. They won't be able to determine surgery until the swelling is down.

So get it out of your head that Jarious will be back in 3 weeks. That's a dream

  1. Where's your source?

  2. If CKNW is your source, don't really care. They overblow EVERYTHING and make a big deal out of nothing.

  3. There's no reason to bring in Casey yet.

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Huh… go figure.

so why did Casey hire Gil Scott to just get him a Practice roster spot?

practice rosters get $ 500 a week

I can't believe that Casey Printers is on the Practice Field today!!! I am not really sure how I feel about this, however I don't run the team so guess I need to put my faith in Wally.

…looks like Casey is headed for the pivot spot in Van. sport… pr spot for now…confirmed by Wally…Are you through tearing your hair out…??? :lol: :lol: :lol: He was good eough to at least get a shot in Van. … but Kelly in the Peg wouldn’t give him the time of day…Wally knows talent…Kelly knows zero and shouldn’t be around too much longer…I’d go with Wallys assessment…should give you a little heart and most likely the crossover spot, sport… :lol:we’ll see…

Well that may be easy for you to say.. seeing as you are a Bomber fan. Being a lions fan and watching someone with an "it's all about me" attitude pull the team apart was rather hard to watch. So I am a little bit of a skeptic about Mr. Printers.

...granted,Casey has to re-prove himself so to speak....not my club...but heh give a shot to the best talent out there..I think you could trust Wallys judgement....heard somewhere he's the CFLS' most winningist coach....hmmmmmm :wink:

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It's official.