Casey Printers talking to Wally Buono

Heard on CKNW today that Casey Printers' agent is going to be talking with Wally to see what his options are, they think Casey is willing to take a back up postion to get his career going again.

Wouldn't that be an exciting Training Camp, I will be there if he comes to Training Camp the interest would be huge. So if Casey comes here again, where does he fit in and does Zac Champion get cut?

Just heard this about a half hour ago.

Wally's the only Pro Coach who's had any success with him; fixing the wonky throwing motion and, for a while at least, keeping his attitude in check and making him into a team player who actually led and inspired his team. As we've seen he can also b poison in the locker room and the Ti-Cats never seemed to want to follow him. I think the wonky throw explains his injuries somewhat.
On the other hand maybe Wally's thinking dynasty and Printers undeniably has the POTENTIAL to be one of the great QB's in the Canadian Football League :expressionless:

Don't we have like $400k of cap room? $400k can buy you a lot of locker room cancer! :expressionless:

Why are you not willing to give a man a second chance?

Give Casey a second chance.

It will push Buck. Buck may need to be pushed. Casey can do some pushing.

I don't see Wally signing Buck's extension until Buck really proves he's worth it.

I could think of better ways to spend money.

I heard the same broadcast dupsdell heard. Wally better keep that egomaniac on a tight leash. Last thing ANY team needs is a split dressing room.

Buck just agreed to terms...

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If he is making $450k a year, there leaves pretty much no cap room left for Cancer Printers. Oh darn! :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard Kato's assistant retired. Perhaps Casey can help Kato wash the Game jersey's.

If Casey DOES come aboard, which QB do you get rid of? JJ? Zac Champion?

I think Buck is a great QB - when he is healthy - but he has yet to prove that he can last an entire season without injury. That's where JJ and Zac come in - JJ has shown that he is a serviceable back up, Zac "may" be the QB of the future. How long would Casey put up with being 2nd fiddle? How much do you lose by cutting JJ or Zac loose?

I'm surprised Wally would talk to Casey's agent in the first place. I remember last year before Casey signed with Hamilton, Wally wouldn't even let him on the SIDELINES of BC Place Stadium! WOW!

This is a really tough call for Wally. But, in his own words he said a quarterback is the only player that would put him in a frenzy. Wally has had 3 top notch quarterbacks almost everywhere he has coached and has really had very little contraversy except that one or two years in B.C. Part of it definitely was Casey's fault,but part of the blame had to be put on Wally, the way he always pitted one quarterback against the other in a battle of survival to compete for the number one spot. I think that since then Wally has learned something from it all. I don't know much about Zac Champion but so far the one chance he had he had trouble just calling the signals. I wonder if Champion is worth the wait? We know that Printers can help us now. The only problem is we have two good quarterbacks that the team admires that should play ahead of Casey. How will Jarious and Buck react to seeing Casey at training camp? I'm sure it will cause some aggitation in the teams chemistry, but this will be a new year with alot of new players coming on board. If Casey comes in with a good attitude, and can accept being the 3rd string quarterback, maybe it could be worth the gamble. Afterall, Wally is man who likes to see results on the field. We have a better chance with injuries and all , of having better results with Casey in the lineup. But if Casey gets his chance, he had better be a model citizen in and out of the locker room and be patience to wait for his chance to come.

During the few oppertunities that Zac had to play, he looked quite good. Yeah a few times he was scrambling around but he was very accurate like Buck and mobile. Not as fast as Jarious but he wouldn't be screwed if somebody came after him like Danny Mac. I think he has a fair bit of potential but only more game time will tell.

ROFL! Could be just the lesson the young man needs :thup:

I "borrowed" this article from another poster on another thread.

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Its a good read, pretty accurate.

I thought I saw Casey riding rides at Playdome

I agree with most of what your saying but when was the last time we had a starting Qb that stay healthy the whole season? How many times has Dickenson been hurt here? Casey hasn't had a healthy season since he return to the CFL.