Casey Printers takes on a new role!!

It was reported in the Vancouver media today that Casey Printers will be replacing injured Roberto Luongo in goal for the Vancouver Canucks and will have to leave the BC Lions to fulfill this task. Printers was quoted as saying, " I am superman and can do anything. The Canucks have only 2 other goalies while the Lions have 3 other quarterbacks so I am going to save the Canucks first." :rockin: :cowboy: :smiley:

Hey Canuck fans, get your popcorn ready and relax and watch the show. 8)

simple hillarius TB

Now before some here take this thread as factual , I'll do you a favour and spill it folks , it's another joke just like the last one . Sorry turkey .

Way to ruin it...

Boy would he look good in double blue.

Good win last night Casey- disguised as Raycroft - , some great saves - good disguise too - Wally will never know!!!!!!! :roll: :smiley: :rockin:

actually I heard Printers is going to be lending some of his ego to kanye west for his next tour

Hey RidersNeverDie I'm really happy for you and Ima let you finish but Bob Geldof has the greatest ego of all time!

Can Printers take Roberto Luongo, Daniel Sedin, Sami Salo, Kyle Wellwood, Pavol Demitra, Alex Burrows and Alex Bolduc's place too? Maybe he can take Tanner Glass's spot on our first line...

I Dont think you get my joke, im sorry......Although it could be that Bob Geldof (being the humaitarian he is) is actually lending his ego to Printers who in turn has excess and decided Kanye(im not convinced you know who that is) needed more.
Glad you happy for me!!! I am happy for you too!!???

Hey turkey, who plays in goal for you guys again?

Oh yeah, you don't have a team, do you? :rockin: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley: :rockin: :rockin:

Debra, where'd you come from? Come to join RLR? :wink:

Well someone's got to represent for us crazy Lions, no? :wink:

I got the joke don’t worry. However you didn’t get mine. That little stunt West pulled has turned into an internet meme which I was refering to. Also I made reference to Bob being rather full of himself, much like West and Printers.
Just google “ima let you finish”

my mistake :oops: completely missed that ref.

ROFLCOPTER, no worries. I know far too much net stuff for my own good. I know OVER 9000 memes.

if he cant get a win, he's goin back to practice roster

And replace him with which injured QB? Also I really don't think the last two losses were his fault. Yeah there was that pick in OT but they shouldn't have even allowed it to get to that point in the first place.

Neither does Surrey.