Casey Printers sighting

Neil Lumsden on the FAN590 this AM said, Printers was at BC’s last game and asked coach Buono if he could join the Lions on the sidelines for the game. Buono turned him down but it’s clear he still has some ties to BC.

An Argo fan

Yeah, he was shown on TV during the game and they mentioned the sideline thing.

Question is, what was he doing htere while his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, were playing.

He was somewhere on the sidelines from what I saw...maybe not just near the benches. Starting to look like he is thinking of returning to the CFL after he becomes a free agent in February.
Some people are going to say he signed a three year contract...but if he asks for his release it will be granted, the same as Ricky Ray. Practice roster players are all free agents anyway at the end of the NFL season if I'm not mistaken...and then have to be resigned for the next season.

His is not on the Active Roster.
He on Practice Roster.
so Weekends he is off unless he on the Active Roster.