Casey Printers Show

Haven't actually listend to the show live but I'm listening to some of the archived shows on the Y108 website and I got to to say it sounds pretty lame.

Are they afraid of asking a challenging question? Lots of fluff and no filler.


This guy beter have the best damn radio show ever because he isn’t making his money on the field. what a waste! I know that there are those of you who will disagree but we have 3 other QB’s, all of which can do just as well as Printers does when he is on the field.

it's Infomercial Selling Ticat Tickets and Merchandise.

The Fact us Fan have Email so they Screen the questions we ask makess it worse.

What exactly were you people expecting?? I listened to the first one and I almost died laughing.

Were you laughing with them or at them?

The only one I heard was the one where he did the leadership speech. It was really funny as he tried to read and explain himself. It is what it is, a big commercial and I imagine the cats buy the time and put it on there so they will do what they want with it. I would rather just a ticat show with different players and team personalities all the time or the cats on cable shows you could go see. do they still do something like that?

aahhhh after a few weeks of losses we go from loving the show to hating it.