Casey Printers Show tonight on CHML


Rick Zamperin here, the voice of the Ticats on CHML & Y108.
Tonight is the 2nd installment of the Casey Printers Show on CHML. It begins at 7pm, and will air every Monday night throughout the season. "Coach Sal", John Salavantis, will stop by for a quick chat.
Some of you have been asking where you can listen to it, if you miss it live. Here's the link to the Casey Printers Show page at Last week's show is on there.

And if you want to email me any questions for Casey and/or John, send them to


Hard to listen to the stream when the 'ML website is down for maintenance. Methinks Rick was unaware of this plan. If you are able to listen on the radio, please tell us not only what Printers (and others) say but also the attitude with which the remarks are delivered.

... I feel you Mark!!! Good to know it's not operator error (on my end), then I'd really be in for Thursday's game! Guess we'll just have to wait until after the show to hear any remarks.

So... who heard it? What was said?

listen for yourself:

Its on their website now..

casey is a very smooth talker, huh.

sounds like hes been doin radio forever.

I enjoyed the show. Printers is very smart and I don't know if I would call him smooth, but I would say he sounds like a coach or general on the field. He's a true QB because he seem to easily articulate his thoughts about the game, the team, his team mates, the offense, the defense, etc. I learned and understood better what was going on when he talked about the plays, the coaches, and his teammates.I can't remember the coaches name, but I enjoyed listenng to his point of view and how he breaks down each quarter and exactly what went wrong and wheter or not its correctable. Man, thank you for having this show. I look forward to listening to learn about the game.

Good show. The best thing I heard is how much he believes they can turn it around. Of course, he's going to say that, but you can hear it in his voice how much he really does believe it. He could hardly contain himself talking about the talent on the team. He also talked about why he believes it in breaking down everything that they did well. It would be hard to argue with his analysis of everything they did well too.

Is it just optimism? We'll see. But without that genuine confidence from the players themselves, all would be lost. If they go 3-15 or 2-16 they will sure go down fighting. That is a positive in itself.

It is nice to see he has decided to become a leader. The talent is there.

Agreed. His positive attitude is great (and hopefully it won't get tested too severely)

I've taken some shots at him in the past on boards like this about him being a "me" player, but I have to admit that so far he's proving me wrong. I apologize to Casey.

It's a good show and all but they really need to lower Zeperins mic.