Casey Printers Show Tonight l Jam the lines to say Thankyou

Hello Ticats Fans
Don't forget to Tune into Casey Printer Show Live at 7 PM Tonight
Show can be found at 900 CHML
Casey Will be Taking calls .
So Lets let Thank him for our 1st Win of year .
Let him know How much we want to see more of the Same this weekend with The Roughriders.

So Lets Jam the Phone lines for our QB..

Casey is the man!! he will take our team to respectability this year. He has my thanks and appreciation.

i missed the live show AGAIN…cant wait for the archive to be posted on chmls website.

Completely forgot about the show tonight.. lol

same. you can still listen to it though on the CHML website.

Was a Good show
Parts 4 and 5 Where Really Deep SH**
Man you got Really Understand Casey a bit with these Parts of show

I Have Even More Respect For Him now.

I am thinking a little bit better of Printers after hearing him speak about Ackles. :thup:

Geez, I may actually listen to this show. His bit on leadership was actually pretty good.

He really owes him a lot. Without Ackles then Printers never goes to BC and never passes for 5000+ or gets MOP or the NFL attention he did.

I bet Obie is really hurting right now also :frowning:

I enjoyed Printers' bit about leadership. I do think the delivery would have had more impact if it had been organized a bit more clearly.

I give the guy credit for working a little off-the-cuff rather than reciting a script, but I think in particular younger listeners may have had trouble sifting the key ideas out of his remarks.

Also, the talk about "believing in something so much you'd be willing to die for it", "revelation of your sense of purpose", "reason for your birth" and "getting people to submit what they believe is true to what you believe is true" sounds like it may have come from a talk with a more overtly evangelical bent. Nothing wrong with that, but it may shed some light on why Casey sounded like he was editing himself a bit at times.

Incidentally, Casey's key bullet points and his introductory definition of leadership sound like they were strongly influenced by a pastor and motivational speaker named Myles Munroe. I have no idea whether Munroe's teachings are central to Casey's views on leadership or whether Munroe is one of many influences on Casey, or even whether Casey encountered similar material from other sources.

In any case, I thought it was interesting to hear Casey talk about how he approaches his life. He certainly sounds like he feels strongly about what he was talking about.

Once you get to know him, you will learn that he is "real". All the bull**** you people have been fed by the media from BC was cramp. This is a fine young man, like by his teammates, and peers alike. But, some people would have you believe he's a self centered person, this the the furthest thing from the truth. Get to know your QB you will find him to be a very exceptional young fellow!!!

Oh yeah, I did listen to the show, and I thought he did an excellent thing. I do know CP reads a lot and could have gottne his information from many sources. He's is mentored by many, past coaches, NFL experience and training, team mates, and from what I know about him he has a very strong spritual foundation. Great show Casey, keep it up!!!

Thanks Playmaker Have to agree with you .
Everything We Told about Casey by the media from BC was Wrong.

Have Spoken Casey and Watch How Team and Other Act Around Him
He Huge Improvement over our Former QB #11 Who Now Back with Edmonton.

did he take calls like the title of this post suggests? i dont recall hearing any callers.

They Ran out of Time .
I was hold …

There were a few callers, but not many because they ran out of time. Onknight, I did not mean to sound like everything reported was a lie, that was not my intent. I mean the character stuff they tried to inflict on this man was unfair, as I was told this by a friend of an ex- BC player, that's still playing in the CFL, although a third party, said he was a good kid, and hard worker, and very competitive!