Casey Printers Released...

Should we......could we.....would we...? I for one am in favour of Casey coming to Montreal, at a much much lower price. But I think we have a younger cheaper version of him in Mcpherson. Maybe bring him in to training camp and see what happens?

Printers burned Popp, two seasons ago. Popp was on his way to pick him up at the airport and on a connecting flight Printers headed to Pearson. Tom Canada burned Popp last season and no interest what so ever this year.

Als are rewarding their own guys and I think that is a good thing. Give money to Jamal Richardson and Scott Flory, Cobourne...Pay the guys that sweated for their team.

Too bad for him to cause sitting behind Calvillo for a season or two could make Printers a better QB.

At this point. I think Vancouver ,Regina, Toronto may be interested if he's willing to take around 225k.

Unless Printers was willing to come to camp and fight for a position with no guarantees, I'd pass on him. Macpherson is younger, has just as much upside, and doesn't have any of the baggage. We wouldn't have made Brady the QB coach if Trestman weren't convinced that we already had great depth at QB.

Sorry, Brady the receivers coach, I mean.

They should try him out to see howgood he is
before giving up on him

Forget about it...Larry Smith was on CKAC this morning....

He's really impressed with Leak work ethic & the canon-arm that McPherson has..

Who wants a cancer like Printers.....not me !

He"s not a cancer. Calvillo had hi worst season in mtl (11) seasons under Bellefeuille.
I prefer the Als develop their own Qb's...

He is not a cancer but he is certainly not a team player either....As someone pointed out in the main forum. Last year Printers was drilled late, right in front of his teams bench and not one of he teammate batted an one did a thing in his defence.

To me that says a lot as to what his teammates think of him

It also says a lot about his teammates, frankly. :slight_smile:

I've got nothing against Printers. I just don't think he fits a need of ours right now. Like I said, if we were hurting at QB, I don't think Trestman would have asked Brady to become a receivers coach of all things. The fact that they did that speaks volumes about how confident they are in our remaining QBs (well, not Banks, but I expect him to be nothing more than a training-camp body).