Casey Printers PLEAAAASE!!!!

Ok the Riders seriously need a QB... nothing proved it more than last nights game.

Can we trade somebody or something for Casey Printers??? The guy could not be too happy backing up Dickinson in BC... the Riders could use him!!


I think this is the biggest problem for the CFL right now: elite teams hoarding talent, especially at QB, while other teams struggle.

From an entertainment standpoint, it's absolutely brutal that Casey Printers, last year's league MVP, and Jason Maas, who passed for over 5000 yards in 2004, are holding clipboards when there are at least three teams (Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Hamilton) looking for a strong starting QB. And it all goes back to the lack of salary cap. Until and unless you limit what teams can spend, the teams with deep pockets will continue to win. Burris going to Calgary because the Riders couldn't afford to pay him is the perfect example of the disparity in payroll in the CFL. The league had better address this issue; otherwise, it's in for some rough times in the next few years.

........what about Spurgeon?.......he is sitting even more useless than Printers right now.......CP is technically hurt while SpW is perfectly healthy and not even taking practice reps......

......and I think it has less to do with salary cap than it does with basic competition.....if I were Buono or Campbell, why would I trade good talent to a competing team in my own division?.....

.....and a BIG GLARING example of why salary cap isn't the reason is in Ottawa.....low money, questionable talent, amazing's all about playing as a team, not what your payroll is...........

Has that changed if I remember right your Riders had four QB's in camp and yet the Stamps require a QB so where do you get off blaming Edmonton and BC when your team was just as guilty. The reason why the Riders do not have a quality QB in now is Roy was to stupid to keep the right one. Besides Printers or Maas require a healthy pay cheque just like what Burris was looking for when Roy laughed him out of town. So now do you think Burris was worth the money. Printers or Maas will not be coming to Sask any time soon.

i brought up this same topic last nite.....BC doesnt need printers ( unless they are holding him for a few years when DD retires? )....they are unbeaten and wasting an asset...they should trade him to add MORE strength...and since he's injured he should be cheeper....rughriders should do everything they can to get him for next year, if hes available.

clearly they are missing the playoffs with thier current QB's...( unless they only play hamilton and winnipeg.

ottawa will beat them again next week for 4 straight losses!!!

  1. These are not 'my' Riders. I'm an Als fan. But that doesn't mean I can't be concerned about other teams in the league.

  2. Burris left because he wanted more money than Barrett could pay him. Do your homework before you shoot off your mouth next time. It had nothing to do with Barrett being 'stupid'. The Riders are a community-owned team and simply don't have the deep pockets that Calgary, under private ownership, does. Right there you have a strong case for a cap.

  3. Work ethic and management will only take you so far if you don't have the dollars to bring in the good players. Ottawa, frankly, is overachieving right now and the jury is still out on them making the playoffs this year.

  4. I'm just curious, RedandWhite, are you a Flames fan? An Oilers fan? Because if you are, then you're full of crap for arguing against a cap and talking about how team effort is worth more than money. Would your Flames have been able to resign Iginla to a three-year deal and ink Amonte and McCarty without a cap on team spending? Would the Oilers have been able to trade for Peca and Pronger? And haven't these free-agent signings made Canadian hockey fans extremely happy because finally, after so many years, their favourite teams aren't being outspent by the big-money clubs? So enough with the anti-cap rhetoric.

yes...i agree the nhl has shown that a CAP IS THE ANSWER to all lifes

........I was full of crap but I took care of that down the hall just after lunch......cap is not the ONLY answer.......and relating the economics of the NHL to the CFL is apples to oranges, and I'll tell you why.....

......The NHL got seriously out of control in the early 90s with their salaries and teams like Edmonton and Calgary lost players like Gretzky, Messier, McInnis, Roberts, etc because of it.......then it got even stupider when players like Holik started amassing ridiculous numbers....the NHL had to cap for survival.........

.......CFL salaries are not out of control, and key players are being paid key player salaries..........and you totally missed the Ottawa reference, if they can do it, so can any team.......cap be damned......

........besides, don't you think that if and when a cap is imposed, Braley and Campbell are going to be instrumental in setting a cap that is so high it's pointless anyway........then what, there's your cap boys, big deal.......

.....and btw, GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............

you think ur QB is bad we got Kevin Glenn starting if anything we need printers to come to winnipeg

nealon is the shittiest, printers or mass wouldnt wanna go to

Re(scrue yuor sister)GINA

red and white, you are the biggest hypocrite ever.
cap’s good for the flames, not for the stamps?

I agree when the Stamps signed Flutie to a million a season you would have thought then salaries would have gone sky high but they did not. I think the GM's in the Cfl have done a great job. Riders missed the boat with Burris peirod. But If a cap is necessary to level the paying field in the future it should get done.

You don't think CFL salaries are getting out of control? Take a look at the Argos and the fact that they were able to re-sign ALL their starters from last year because of new ownership. While Ottawa, with an uncertain ownership situation, lost free agent after free agent. The Argos signed John Avery for a sum no one else could afford to pay. They signed Arland Bruce away from the Bombers by pricing themselves out of Winnipeg's range. Edmonton took Wiltshire, Ottawa's best defensive player, from them. Burris left the Riders because they couldn't pay him enough. Meanwhile you have B.C. which is carrying a crazy amount of money at quarterback with Dickenson and Printers -- the Riders wouldn't be able to afford just one of them.

Because the dollars aren't in the millions (yet), it doesn't necessarily follow that there is no problem or need for a salary cap. Yes, the salaries are lower, but the revenues for the league are also much lower. It's a gate-driven league with only 18 games a season, compared to the NHL's 84-game season and much higher profit from merchandise. The CFL makes almost no money from merchandise, which is why they're so dependent on gate revenues, and consequently, fan support, because no fan support means no money. And fans are much less likely to pay money for a game when they know their team can't compete with the big spenders in the league.

The league will be in serious trouble in a few years if they don't institute a cap, nor will they be able to safely and sensibly expand the league.

d&p, while I agree with you in principle, I have to add to your Burris comment. Yes, Burris was after more cash, but as I understand it, at least half of the problem was that he was after a guaranteed starter’s position. When the Riders couldn’t offer him that, his decision was all but made.

dicipline and punish, I agree 100000000 per cent

I agree with you and the fact he stated Shivers made it clear to him that he was not in the future plans for the Riders would you sign absolutely not.

Hey Riders how about Wynn, I bet he would like to play some ball this year and BC fans speak highly of him. Cant really say what hes like since he hasnt played a down in the Peg. Also if your really desperate we could send you Tee and after about 2 years of misery when he finally learns the game and becomes a star youll be back in the same position of having him walk for more dough somewhere else. QB is everything in this league and you have to shell out big bucks to get a good one.

i heard Burris didn't leave because of the salary but because they wouldn't give him a multi year contract but gave Greene one so Burris came to the conclusion that he wasn't included in the Riders plans.

Could be - either way, Burris was not guaranteed either first string or a future here. I'd bail too, if I were him.

Although the CFL and the NHL are like apples and oranges, I think it is okay to compare the idea of a salary cap.

Far too long has the CFL been a league divided on big city attitude vs small town patrionage (Toronto, Mtl, and Vancouver signing big name players vs the small town attitude of "it's okay that Sask doesn't have th big name players as their fans will continue to come out". This idea has long been is about time to level the playing field...I am sure the CFL would be all the better for it.

As far as Burris goes, yes money was a big part of it. But also, Burris just wanted to hear the words come out of Danny Barrett's mouth "you will be the #1 guy"...

Roy Shivers is 100% committed to Danny Barratt (DB) and DB is 100% committed to Neolon is a sinking ship...