Casey Printers out with torn ACL

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Could this mean it's the Travis Lulay show in BC for the rest of the year?

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This is nothing new for Printers.He was out 9/10 when he was in Hamilton.Though that can be credited to a terrible OL.

I just saw this on Definitely something going on in BC... far too many injured QBs.

This "something" generally consists of 5 guys over 300lbs not doing a very good job.

I'm really getting tired of one QB after another getting knocked out here. Dickenson, Jackson, Pierce, Printers and so on.

We really should give up half of our recievers and get a good O-line. What good are recievers if the QB is on his arse or is injured?

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This is Lulay's chance. Now he can show if he is really the Dave Dickenson clone the media claim him to be and not only because he has red hair.

Exactly, it's pretty simple. The Lions' biggest weakness for the past 7-8 seasons has been the offensive line.
It's pretty obvious to see why our qbs got injured often.
Not to mention Dickenson and Pierce weren't necessarily the best guys when it came to avoiding hits.

I wonder how long Lulay will be able to stand up ? :frowning:

We shouldn't rely on Web Staff from Rogers Sportsnet as the source for our CFL news. Printers was doing deep knee bends with the other QB's today at practice and will dress for the game on Friday.

...TSN retracted their earlier story that CP is done for the year and is backing up what Xvys is saying that CP will dress as the third stringer this Friday...Wally was quoted saying "as a BC Lion QB, Casey isn't hurt enough, thems are minor tears and rips, I need full fractured bones sticking out of the skin before I'm done with you"

I can't believe drummer_boy didn't predict this . :wink:

Anyways, Wally just can't win with his QB's now, can he.

Given Printers injury past and looming risks, I asked the BC Lions fans on here point blank twice before the season started if "Lulay was the way" and got crickets in response each time. :x

Still I cannot understand why given the injury risk to the other two that Lulay was not given a better shot at the starting job in the first place as far as I know.

Not that I want the Lions to win of course, but few things are worse for sake of good football than to see a wounded duck almost throw wounded ducks and so forth.

There is far more satisfaction in winning when beating a team at high or top strength to take away always the lame excuses of the sore losers.

Anyone on anything I missed regarding Lulay's actual prospects before this happened to Printers?

And please don't "hindsight" the matter unless you can prove where you posted any optimism on Lulay BEFORE this happened to Printers again. :roll:

Lulay had only played about half a game in his career prior to this season. As good as he looked in training camp, no team is going to name a guy with such little experience as their starter, unless he proves himself in game action. Printers is in his 7th pro season and has previously led the Lions to the Grey Cup. He's had a few minor injuries, but they has rarely prevented him from starting. Printers proved he was the best QB on the team last season and was signed to substantial starters contract. Lulay had the opportunity to showcase himself last season, but got injured in both games he played in...the last injury ending his season.

Jarious Jackson is also a terrific QB and is built like a rock. He has been totally injury-free in his pro career until his shoulder tear late last season.

Zac Champion was cut and Travis Lulay was kept. From what I have heard, that was it. Now why would you based on this move him up ahead of Printers and Jackson? Know any other teams out there who'd push a 3rd string QB up to starting?

Well Grims of course Lulay would be in the best physical condition to last a whole game of the three so of course that's why he gets the nod. It's not much of a choice for Buono any more is it lest he wants to run a wounded or lame duck offence and just play field position all game as do many of the weaker NFL offences and now rare ball control schemes down here?

Otherwise hey Grims and Xvys a big thanks for filling in those enduring blanks for me on the case of Lulay.

If I were in town this would be worth a round of drinks including Forty Creek for you Grims and whatever you are drinking short of some expensive scotch or champagne Xvys.