Casey Printers or Kevin Glenn, which one?

Ok, both are available in a fairy tale world and both are asking the same price, same conditions etc. Which one would you take for the Cats?


Printers in a WALK. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Glenn, because he is a humble player and has no ego..unlike Printers

But if I can't have one I'll take the other.

Myself, I'm leaning towards Glenn just because I think he is the more stable mindset and wouldn't have an NFL chance like Printers could again.

Glenn. Has proven himself and has improved every year. Printers had one good year and seems to have an attitude problem, which Glenn sure doesn't.

where ever printers ends up,i'll take the castoff

wow. I never thought i'd say this but Kevin Glenn. I'd much rather have him then Casey.

Hell, I remember when Bishop was pseudo available not that long ago and the Tiger Cats wanted no part of him.

Kevin Glenn for me. He is only a little older, but is in a pretty good groove and seems to be better each year. Printers might still have NFL dreams thus his own agenda.

Glenn for me too.

Glenn by the length of a football.

printers only because we'll need a qb in our offence that may have to run for his life because nothing else is right.
if we go out and get a proper o/c then glenn would do great in a balanced offence
eg winnipeg blue bombers.

Hands down Casey Printers.

This comment addresses the issue that nobody has really raised here yet.

Cats are in dire need to replace Maas. Could a timed deal with another team involved in signing Printers get us that other teams present starter, if Printers is not prepared to sign with us?

I highly doubt BC or Sask would be interested in Printers.

Regardless of reports, I wouldn't put it past Edmonton or Calgary to seek his services. Burris or Ray could be sent here at the same time. (I'd take either)

Winnipeg is just starting to get settled with Glenn.
If they sign Printers it would be a blockbuster of the century for them. I'd grab Glenn in an instant!

In Montreal, Calvillo is winding down. Maybe the Allouettes might look to the future a little faster than they would have if Printers had not come on the market. IMO Calvillo is not the man for the Cats.

I believe Toronto is the odds on favourite to sign Printers. Maybe we would have invest our marbles in
Bishop. Would that be worse than what we have now? No way!

Will the Cats sign Printers to a 1/2 a years pay this year, with Maas on the books for another 1/2 years pay? Only if Mr. young personally says, "Guys, it's my money, get him!" I'm not sure that will happen.

So, whose services would you guys prefer to get if Printers signs in the CFL but not with the Cats?

Please don't say D Allen. :roll:

(In leiu of starting another Printers thread, I thought I'd offering to broaden the thoughts in this one.

Glenn is proven. Printers only had one good yr. Hasnt done much since. I take Glenn anyday.

Glen was also available at one time, when we had the 1st choice in the Ottawa dispersal draft. Of course we took MAAS instead - fools..
Another Management Fau paux ...
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I agree i'd much rather have Glenn but your point is basically nonsense. Printers is an outstanding QB, Outstanding enough to have an NFL contract. The best of the best play in the NFL I dont care if your a back up/3rd string or practice roster your still there for a reason.

No other QB IMO in the CFL right now has a legitiment shot at making the NFL with the exception of Ricky Ray in Edmonton although his time is basically passing him by within everyday. Plus he's been there before.

Printers is an outstanding QB or else the Chiefs would'nt have signed him. People can knock Casey for his lack of leadership, some can call him a cancer but in his case he deserved the starting spot in BC that season. He wanted to be the starter & isnt that what you ask for out of all your QB?

I'd only take Glenn in this situation because of how much he's grown & developed in the last 3seasons. Theres so much upside in him & I'd love to see it shine in black & gold.

Printers shot at the NFL is no better than DD, Ray, or any other CFL qb who spent a couple of yrs trying to make it south and failed. He will not be successfull.