Casey Printers or Dave Dickenson?

Well, here it is, the official QB Controversey thread. I'd have to say I'd prefer DD because he is a veteran and is always willing to play, even when injured. He is extremely competitive and always tries his best. Who do you think and why?

I would say go with Casey Printers. Dave Dickenson is injury prone, especially on his wonky knee. Guarantee he will have another knee injury if he is the starter for this year. Printers has showed he belongs to start, although he needs to learn to release the ball a lot quicker like Dickenson. Printers is also bigger and stronger and can take a hit more easily, and can stand up to injury, although he did have a torn ligament in his toe. Dickenson has good vision on the field but so does Printers. Printers is young and should be given the nod, whereas Dickenson is coming to the end of his career. Printers has also been making noises about not hanging around if he is not the starter. Give Printers the opportunity to see if he can duplicate his MVP performance of 2004.

For now at least, Dickenson's experience at reading defences and his ability to release the ball quickly make him the choice to start the season. Printers will get his chance but he's still No. 2 in my book.

How can the league MVP be number 2? Printers has earned the right to start. His upside is he is younger, bigger, stronger and oh yes a fan favourite. I think locking him up in a long term deal will determine who Wally wants to start the season. Think of the trade that could be made if Dave is traded. Send him to the east after this season and we win the Grey Cup at home

Who ever will get the ball to Jason Clermont. That kid is gold Jerry, Solid Gold.

I agree with you Todd...

hmmm... Dave or Casey?... It's a given that Dave can read the deffence better than Casey but if if he doesn't see anything he can't boot it the hell out like Casey can, also anyone who watched the Lions play last year couldn't have missed the thing Printers and Simon had... I personally would give the nodd to Printers, although I would like to see Dickenson start his last couple of years in the CFL... I think the Lions should trade him for his own good

As much as I like DD he gets hurt often. (Not just in BC...I remember him injured in Calgary) Roll the dice and go with Printers.

Yes, Sportsmen I agree with you about DD he is a great guy, great QB but he is made of glass it appears. To bad he is a talent. If I were Wally go with the young guy and lock him up for a long time. The only thing and after watching Printers last year I do not think this was a one year wonder this guy is the real thing and he is not Coke!

Printers is the guy. How the league MVP rides the bench in the GREY CUP FINAL is beyond me. Not one of Buono's shining moments as a coach.

Printers has the talent and dedication that Dickenson has, plus mobility, athleticism, physical toughness and youth. He's still learning when it comes to reading defenses but at 13-5 last year, I'd say he did a halfway decent job, wouldn't you? :wink:

Lastly, Printers is a crowd favourite. I'm positive that he and he alone drew fans to BC Place last year. How can you not go with this guy?

Dickenson is a great QB and all, but he's older and too injury-prone. Go with Printers.


I couldn't beleive that he was benched for the Grey Cup. What would have happened if Belechik had benched Brady before the Super Bowl in favor of Bledsoe and the Patriots lost? He would have been run out of Boston.

You need to go with the hot hand who got you to where you are. Printers proved he was the real deal last year and deserves another chance this year.


Dickenson is way over rated, what has he done. One Grey Cup ring as a back up and never played in the game. Printer will start if B.C has a chance.

Sky is the limit for young Casey Printers. Having started Dickenson in the Grey Cup costed BC a championship. There's no question here, Printers is the man.

What I like about Printers is he's saying all the right things and letting his agent say the ah, hmm, questionable stuff. I think the exhibition should be interesting and who starts the first league game will be interesting.

Actually the other thing I liked about Printers was his ability to escape the sack. What other great CFL QB used to do that? Was it Moon, Ham, or Allen?

.......can Printers play though without a contract? I mean if he does, then what incentive does Wally have to negotiate.....and if he doesn't play and DD is getting the job done then why, again, sit at the bargaining table........What I know about Wally is he will not be forced to deal, he'll make you wait and wait and wait, Printers might be loosing this battle.......

Dave Dickenson pisses me off!!!!! Wally is going to go with him because there long time pals. Well guess what Wally, Printers is like Micheal Vick, and look Micheal Vick is the best thing that happened to the Falcons or even the league in that matter. So go with printers he is way more durable. Casay avoids pressure (biggest thing he has going for him). Dave goes down like a ton of brick far too often!!!!!!!!

Dave Dickenson saved the lions 2 years ago and was the leagues mvp, if the knees healthy throw him in there, the guy can get it done, and if he gets hurt printers is there. when dave is in he shares the ball and gets all the recievers in the game, printers just doesnt have the vision like dave does and he gets ready to scramble and holds on to the ball. hes young and unexperineced and still needs to learn a bit more before u can be a super star. however, if printers signs a long term contract, casey ur man, cause he will be the future.

Dickenson is a proven champ, but I really like what Printers has done in his still-young career.

He reminds me of Damon Allen - loads of talent, sometimes his playing doesn't look pretty but he's a tough player for defenses to contain and he'll win games one way or another.

Casey Printers without a doubt.

Hello I have been a BC Lions fan since 1972, I remember great Quarterbacks, Don Moorehead, Jerry Tagge,Joe PaoPao, Roy Dewalt, in my thoughts none of them have ever won C.F.L's M.V.P I like Dave Dickenson but heck he's had how many surgery's to his knee, one more hit boom his career is over and I do not think well last year's Grey Cup say's it all can not win a Grey cup, Casey Printers I feel can be a C.F.L Great, Like Ron Lancaster,Damon Allen,Tom Wilkinson, I feel if Coach Buono doe's not use Casey Printers this year and they get to the Grey Cup and loose,it will be the end of Coach Buono, I love the C.F.L I love all the new Uniforms :smiley:

I would go with Casey Printers because he is pretty young and young people learn from there mistakes