CASEY PRINTERS on national television tonight

Casey will not play the entire game but most likely 2 quarters.

Huard is soppose to play 1 1/2 with Green getting more than 3 series.

The game is on FOX 8pm et


he didn’t start

who gives a shit...

OK he's on the field.

he didnt look bad in the first half.

He didn't look good either

He's not gettin a lot of help... He's had some pretty poor throws as well. Needless to say he's been pretty ineffective.

the whole team has been ineffective though.

meh, much ado about nuttin, yawn.

....if you were interested at all about Printers progression in the was sort of revealing that his stint with K.C. is probably going to end abruptly...although the team couldn't move at all ..with any of their qbs....Printers didn't do anything that was very impressive...and spiking the ball in frustration at his own bench ...probably secured his spot way down the roster....or his being cut... :roll:

Hey, he probably wants to be cut at this point so he can come back to the CFL and get a million dollar contract, I'd love to see him in Hamilton. He knows that he will have to hold a clip board or maybe not dress for a while in the NFL even if he made it, and he doesn't want to do this, he is a gamer and wants to play.

agreed...looks like the best place for back up here...with B.C. still holding his rights till the middle of could get very interesting... :roll:

Look BC offered him more money than Kansas City to start with and he chose the NFL so don't kid yourselves.

Of course he wants to make it there, the potential for more money is far greater absolutely. But it may take him a while to get that money and no certainty he will ever get it, while here he can sign for a million dollar mult-year contract right away.

The bottom line with QBs and the CFL is this.
-If you stay in the CFL, you will make $500K a year, become a star and play.
-If you go to the NFL, you'll make the same cash but you'll sit on the bench and MAYBE you might become a starter in a few years and MAYBE get tons of cash.

Tough call, but basically, you either play for money or you play to play!

I love the CFL! It's where people love to PLAY football.

What the CFL allows for is a bit more options for a few football players. The NFL really doesn't care too much about the CFL stealing anyone, like the CFL used to be able to do when the salaries were more the same decades ago. The CFL is great for players, allows for some to make some money that would be or might be overlooked by the NFL, just like European b-ball leagues and hockey leagues, good for players.

Don't be getting too excited. Printers has a couple of other teams interested in him if he gets cut. I beleive Chicago was a team "bantered" around the talk shows out here in the Spring. And if he ever comes back, BC still owns his playing rights.

He needs to get over this immaturity he's been displaying for the last year. When things go well, he's good to have around, but when things go badly...

...only till Feb. 18/07 he's a free agent....and that could turn out to be a bidding war...IF ..BIG IF....he returns to the CFL... :? :roll: