Casey Printers --- not his fault but 1 thing is

It's not his fault we can't move the ball. The only thing that is his fault is that this is not the same Casey Printers from the CFL past.

The NFL changed him. That's why any CFL player that goes down to the NFL watch out.

Ricky Ray wanted to come back because he didn't want to change for the NFL so he said forget it.

Casey is a different QB. His mechanics are different. His throwing motion is different once set, and his awareness is so different.

He is looking for the 5 yard outs like it's the NFL. He wants to power the pass in. This is not how the posistion is played in the CFL.

He is forgetting this.

Taffe should have gotten him involved and changed his style again. He needs deseperate coaching on the sidelines during the game.

Casey is too emotional and he is fraking out all the time.

The time being, we don't need Casey Printers. We need Casey of old, and that might take time. Sadly it might be for a different CFL team.

frank mp, i agree he needs coaching and the coaching is definitely there if he wants it in one of the most prolific paasers of all time. but i've been watching him and his body language and he doesn't appear to want dmac's help,he thinks he can do it on his own-too bad he's so least jason looked for help and didn't blame his teammates.

city legend

It also isn't his fault Taafe is a moron.

Edmonton is obviously stealing calls or something and Taafe is not adjusting to anything.

On and on it goes...but hey, there is a better selection at the concession booths, so it's all worthwhile, right?

Not Caseys fault at all. Edmonton hasn`t given him any room to breathe. Offensive line was getting killed!!!

hmm, when Hamilton won and jesse got all those yards, many were giving credit for jesse's success to CP, saying that it was a result of his "reads". If that so, then I guess his reads are not so good tonight, and it is his fault Jesse didnt get anything until Williams went in? ya figure? ya figure? Gotta work both ways.

Not Caseys fault he was bombarded by the edmonton d line all game. He couldnt get set. No one picked up Goss on the blitz. Its one scoring drive for Williams. Get your facts straight FYB!!! Take your garbage talk somewhere else!!!!! By the way. I`m happy Williams is good in relief. He has always been my number 2. Anything that helps the ticats is all good with me :thup:

Shouldn't you be at the BC game? We are all aware of your view on Printers.

FYB...give it up my friend. Yes that run was all Jesse. It was the cutback that did it. It was not a read play. And yes, WIlliams has been lost on the read plays. It wasn't the fans giving Casey the credit - try his coach giving him the credit, who knows how the play works.

Where are you getting this. Printers ASKED for Danny to be brought in full time. Have you ever listened to the Casey Printers show? He has enormous repsect for Danny. Danny Mac himself has said that Printers is like a sponge, soaking up everything he can, asking him all the questions he can. Some people just have and always will have a bias against Casey because he rubs them the wrong way. Hold your crusade if you have to. But you're wrong.

surprised some of you guys are not waiting in line with marraige proposals to CP. Every thing good that happens is on him, but nothing bad. yeah. right.

Call a spade a spade. He did not play that well today. He reeked along with the rest of the offense. It doesnt mean he is no good, or that he will not excel in future games, but today, he did not do well. Why are so many of you so afraid to admit that?? Hell, even my favorite Flutie had some pretty bad games.

Spade, we are ti-cat fans, you can take your opinion elsewhere. Don't expect hugs and kisses from this site.

FBYB I guess you didn't see Williams almost serve up a td to edmonton and what the hell was with that call on the goal line?

I am a long distance ticat fan too. Just because they are my second instead of first doesnt make my opinions less valid that yours. who the hell do you think you are anyhow.

I am not afraid to admit that I am dissappointed in Williams today as well. IMO, he was about 10% better than Printers, and that just doesnt get it done.

i think you are hiding behind this supposed "2nd fav. team BS. and think we should all accept your bias spin as gospel.

think what you want, doesnt change anything. Neither printers nor williams was worth writing home about today. In fact, had printers got injured a quarter earlier and williams played not better by the end of the 3rd, I would have even been calling for the next guy to give it a shot.

I thought Casey was bad tonight.

Holds on to the ball to long.

Does not step up, goes back and loses yards often.

Throws a lser, not accurately, requiring an open receiver to make a tough catch.

Does nto look off. Telegraphs his passes.

Five games in Casey, let's get the mojo going already.


The whole offence was lousy tonight. You cant blame Printers for that ineffectiveness of the offence, he was running for his life. Couldnt get set. They were blitzing the crap out of us, and we couldnt do anything about it! One player cant make a difference if he isnt supported by the rest of his team. The defence played well, up until the end when they couldnt stop them in their own end.

I can admit when Printers doesnt play well but I really think its the whole offensive unit that is a big let down (for this game and last)I really think that has a lot to do with coaching. You think Bellefeuille could adjust to all that blitzing and Edmonton`s defensive schemes. I believe currently we are a poorly coached team.

It was a team meltdown from the coaches on down. Printers didn't do much but no one did. I'll say this about Printers--he needs to get his act together on the sidelines. He may think that stomping around and getting in guys' faces is showing leadership but what the team needs is for him to be calm, analytical and poised. If he can't figure that out, someone should tell him.

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