Casey Printers not comming back to CFL?

Despite a luke-warm audition so far, it appears that Casey Printers will stick with the Kansas City Chiefs this season, dashing the hopes of CFL teams hoping he might get cut and return north.

Chiefs' quarterbacks coach Terry Shea told CKNW in Vancouver Tuesday that Printers still has a chance to win the number three quarterback job in Kansas City over third round pick Brodie Croyle.

"We're hoping that everything is going to work to where we have the two young quarterbacks on the roster," Shea told CKNW. "And one of those two will emrege as the number three quarterback for the season. Hopefully, the odd man out would have the opportunity to play on the practice squad.

"It's not a question right now of cutting one of the two quarterbacks. It would be trying to figure out who will be on the active roster and who will be on the inactive roster."

Which means, one way or the other, Printers is almost assured of staying with the Chiefs this season. As a member of practice squad, Printers would earn $90,000 (US) - less than he would have earned had he re-signed as the starter for the BC lions.

Shea admitted that Printers had not exactly seized his opportunity, especially considering the fact that Croyle has been injured during training camp.

"He's only completed 50 percent of his passes, which I'm sure he'd be most disappointed in," Shea said, noting that poor blocking was at least partly to blame. "He scrambles a little more than we'd like to see happen."

Shea said Printers is having trouble putting playbook theory into practice at NFL speed, but added that such difficulties are to be expected for a young quarterback.

His competition, Croyle, will get a long look this week against St. Louis. He has been nursing a shoulder injury throughout camp and practiced for the first time on Monday. Because he missed the first two exhibition games, Croyle is expected to get more snaps than Printers on Saturday against St. Louis.

"We want to see Brodie and it's kind of important to see him play this week and next week," coach Herman Edwards said on the Chiefs official website. "That's kind of important."

Shea noted that Printers should get more time in the Chiefs' fourth and final preseason game, August 31 against New Orleans.

"We're just going to be very patient with Casey," Shea told CKNW. "He's got a lot of upside to him, and no one here with the Chiefs is writing him off."

Good find drummer....

They repeated some of that interview again on todays noon sportscast.

.....i guess if you're content to ride the bench....and be a third stringer....K.C. is alright....i would think Casey wants a little more than 90,000 a year.....and probably would like a starters job....which would definitely be more than 90 grand ...up here....i think its too early to tell where Printers will end up.... :roll:

wasn’t he offered a $450,000 / 3 years deal to be the starter for the BC lions?

now hes making $90,000? to ride a bench…

3 years in CFL starting = $1,350,000
3 years bench warming in NFL = $270,000

printers would earn more in one CFL year than he would in 3 NFL years…
bad move printers.

True papazoola, time will tell...printers could get lost in obscuirity if he signs in the good old NFL...CFL is paying pretty good these days, for a starting QB...

The $90,000 that Printers is making is only for he stays on their practice squad(as a 4th stringer) for the entire season. If he makes the 3rd backup spot, he'll probably be signing for $500,000 a year.

which isnt much different from the money he'd make here...but why spend 3 years of your prime sitting on a bench for $50,000?...those are years you cant get back.

The fact is that Printers contract pays him $1.03 million over 3 seasons, including signing bonuses (a portion of which is guaranteed). That works out to $334,000 per season, which is a little less than he could of made in BC.

The $90,000 is the annual salary paid to Practice Squad players, who are released and paid this standard amount. Other NFL teams can claim players placed on the Practice Squad.

and if by chance Kansas City cuts him, he had a few other NFL teams to “check” out.

He won’t be back any time soon.

Don't forget to factor in the signing bonus along with that $90,000 which is in US dollars BTW, and only subject to about half the income tax his Canadian dollar salary would have been.
Yes , at that rate he still would have made more with the Lions if not for the signing bonus . Next year there is no signing bonus , BUT he still has the chance of making it much bigger should he suceed down there. If he's successful he stands to make more per season there than he could in a whole carreer here . And don't forget he's an American to begin with ,so he has no reason to show more loyalty to our league.
How anyone can fault him for choosing to take an NFL shot is beyond me. Football players have limited carreers so they gotta make the money while they can , who of us chooses to take a lower paying job in our own lives if we have a choice?

I agree with you! Also he might be after that NFL pension before coming back. Holding a clip board gets you that ask Dickenson!

Translation: “nfl speed” means too slow for the young man :lol:

Well RW05 , my friend it's good we see eye to eye. :wink:

I am not bad for a coward! :lol: :lol: :lol:


You stated that I was a coward I am just respecting your judgment! No hard feelings!

Honestly red I don't know what you're talking about. :lol:

Hmmm I thought so enjoy the fact we can agree once in a blue moon :lol: !
You really need to work on that memory of yours!

He said "I am not bad for a coward! :lol: :lol: :lol:"

I'm sry to hear that about Printers not coming back, very disapointing, but life in the CFL will go on.