Casey Printers Next Year???

Yeah, I'm not sure whats up with his throwing motion. What I question is how much the coaching staff worked on it with him throughout the season. It was pretty obvious that he was struggling hitting any receiver, and that his mechanics needed work.

Here's to hoping that Casey gets it figured out in the off season though and can return to form.

Maybe his mechanics are'nt what they should be cause he is running for his life most of the time.

Until the Cats can find a way to improve their Oline and receiving corps, you will never really know how good (or bad) any of the QBs are.

I think a lot of you are missing the big picture.

Lets start with this
Casey Printers will NOT be back in Hamilton next year.
And he will not be back for what a lot of posters have mentioned in this thread and others throughout the year.
He makes too much money, and is not better than Porter.
He may be as good a Porter at this time, but his salary which is slightly back-loaded is still the highest in the CFL.

What is the only way that Casey has any trade value?
If he is being billed as the top guy for next year, and the coach, GM, and President boast of their confidence in him.

If this management group talk about what they really see here they would be forced to simply release him....which I am sure they know is still a possibility.
Take away all the money that Casey is owed and it still makes sense to unload him.
He was part of a very bad time in Hamilton.
He will not be cut any slack with the fans.
There will be a bad atmosphere around him.
I think other Ticat teammates must look at the money he has made, and what he has provided to the team and have a bad taste in their mouths....I sure would.
The Cats need to turn the page, and part of that is purging Casey Printers.
Through trade or release Casey will not be back.
Management is smart enough to know that!

the oline and receivers were the same for porter and for printers. the oline looked 10 x better when porter was back there.

the receiving corps i think will be okay. bauman, wookcock, mithcell, rodriguez, jackson are all quality receivers and give them time with porter to gel, you'll be okay. i don't want the cats bringing in claremont, he's a guy who's taken too much punishment.

You kidding right? That is the weakest group of receivers in the league by far. Some of the young guys show promise but they are still a long ways away.

I think he's right.........he didn't say the receiving corps was great, tremendous, stellar.........he said it was "okay", which is about the best you can say about it.

the receiving corps i think will be okay. bauman, wookcock, mithcell, rodriguez, jackson are all quality receivers and give them time with porter to gel, you'll be okay. i don't want the cats bringing in claremont, he's a guy who's taken too much punishment.
Beg to differ.....Rodriguez is a quality prospect. Woodcocks Career ended after the 2002 Grey Cup. jackson has played....3 games and caught 5 passes? Miles is as good as gone...Cohen and Mitchell...who knows, both had a lot of trouble hanging on to the ball.

Milt Stegall was a quality receiver. Watkins, Dressler, Richardson, Cahoon, Bruce, Edwards, Copeland, Simon, Rambo...those are quality receivers......Other than Prechae and the badly misused Bauman, the Cats receiving corp is filler.

As per the O-line...well you may be right but it's easier to block for a reasonably stationary QB....porter stayed in his pocket. Its easier to block when you have a good idea where the QB is going to be.

I've said it once, I'll say it again.....I'd take Casey on my team any time.

One thing is for sure regarding Casy Printers......He will never take a pay cut to be the back-up quarterback in Hamilton in 2009. He will either be the starter or the club will be forced to release him (which could happen anytime between now and the first game of the season). While he won't be getting anything near what the 'Cats were paying him he will still get a starter's salary offer from several teams in this league (Toronto, Winnipeg & Saskatchewan quickly come to mind)and he knows it. Whether he remains with the team or not doesn't really matter to me. I just want this team to start winning next year no matter who is at quarterback.

This team needs to stop spending all it's money on these saviour type players such as Casey Printers and Kenton Keith, and spend more money bringing in more pawn type players, the type of guy who doesn't put up the big numbers, but gets the job done. When I look back on the 2004 team, that was a team with no flashy big names other than maybe Troy Davis, just a bunch of guys who went to work and got the job done. Guys like Wayne Smith. We need to draft a few hard nosed offensive linemen, maybe bring in Clermont, Tyrone Williams and a few other guys. No more saviours, put a better team around the quarterback and running back instead.

Obie knows that players like printers and richie williams are worth something to the other teams
with their experience, so don't expect to see Obie cutting these Qb's to make salary room, its not
going to happen. :cowboy:

I agree. Also GM's around the league know that if you can get Moreno for a draft pick, you can probably get Williams for a half a dozen season tickets and Printers for a pick.

Irregardless of that, all of the sudden it's a whole nother issue.

Well, if that happens again, I will personally escort Obie to the townline .

You'll have to walk slow...

There seems to be a disconnect between Cats' fans and Cat's management.

When it comes to trades, Cats' fans always seem to overvalue their players and management always undervalues them.

Cats' fans seemed to think they could get something in a trade for Timmy Chang, as if any GM would trade anything of value for a fourth string QB on the worst team in the league; one Cat poster thought the Cats could get John Chick for Casey Printers; now some think they could actually get something in a trade for Richie Williams.

On the other hand.......Cats management undervalues their players. Witness trading Flick and Smith for Rocky Butler; Zeke Moreno for a draft pick and a prospect who may never leave the NFL.

Must be a happy medium here somewhere.............


There is more than one way to measure the performance of those who are paid to find, develop, and train talent. One way to to look at the players that they have on the team, the second way is to look at who they let go....

The really good GMs like Tillman, Popp Buono very seldom let the good ones get away. Flick,Peterson, Moreno, not to mention others are all doing well elsewhere.

This year is pivotal for Obie...there are grumblings about his performance over the past year, unless he can turn iot around quickly he may be in trouble.

In Obie's defence, moving out Flick, Peterson, and Smith were not on his watch.

But Moreno is his, of course.

Must be something about the air in Hamilton; it seems to be a place where careers go to die.

Jason Maas was an effective QB, he goes to Hamilton and is abysmal. Casey Printers was an MVP QB, he goes to Hamilton and is similarly abysmal. Obie was always thought of as a good there are rumblings.

Wish I knew what it was...............

Rumblings and grumblings from a team's fan base
are part and parcel of the job of General Manager.

I get my opinion of how well a G.M is doing
from long time Sports Writers in newspapers

I haven't noticed even a murmur of criticism
of the overall job Obie is doing there, Madjack.

Valid point ron!

There isn’t any grumblings because just about everyone recognises how difficult a job he’s got.

As far as the Desjardins trades, not being Ob’s doing. One can argue that he missmanaged the draft picks that he inherited. While Calgary ( Two Olinesmen), Winnipeg (One Linesman), Montreal (LB,DB), BC (fullback). Hamilton who had the most riches at the table. Had ZERO contribution from their picks. He traded one for a NI linebacker after letting Armour walk, the other was injured before the season began and the other signed with the Colts. Had he hung on to Armour and signed players who could have made a contribution especialy on the Oline, this season could have been very different. Does Calgary win a GC without Armour and their two rookies on the Oline? Doubt it…