Casey Printers Next Year???

Scott Mitchell announced yesterday he still wants Casey Printers for the Ti Cats next year! ( this seem like a good idea? He's the highest paid player in the CFL, and has done nothing to earn it. He has consistently let the Cats down, and instead of getting lucky and possibly trading him, we're going to continue paying him loads of money??
What about Quinton Porter?? He averaged more yards per game, and led us to our biggest win of the season against Montreal. He's consistently proven himself to be better than Printers, and costs significantly less.
If we got rid of Printers, we could easily afford three of four excellent players that could boost our team for the new season, including a solid go-to receiver and some quality offensive linemen. Giving Quinton Porter protection and support would allow us to invest in, and develop a young, talented, well-liked quarterback (which is about the only quarterback strategy we haven't tried).

Maybe the Ticats can put an offensive line in front of him guys like Picard, Fritz, Flory are FA , a possesion receiver Clairmont,Cahoon are FA and a a quick developing playbook in his hands. (see Montreal and Calgary). Its not rocket science. Just hope Obilovich dosen’t watch the parade again this year…

I think this post's author has given away his hand by his username... :lol:

I would like to see Casey here next year... for many reasons. If you ever listened to him over the last year after all the signing hype was gone, you would realize that all this guy wants to do is win in Hamilton.

Give him one more year with Porter and Trafalis. I think we now have the ideal QB trio. :thup:


Your picture speaks to your preference as well, Smog.
It’s not an issue of if Casey Printers wants to win, but whether he can. He has had ample opportunity with the Cats, and has consistently choked. Despite his appalling performance, we’re still paying him more than anyone in the league instead of freeing up that money for high quality players.
Conversely, Quinton Porter has shown nothing but potential, and the Ti Cats could make a fresh start by supporting him fully as their unequivocal starting quarterback.
Casey Printers may talk of noble intentions, but the fact remains that Casey Printers has done nothing in Hamilton but talk.

i honestly think Printers main problem is his mechanics .... I think it`s his release point and that is why alot of his passes were into the ground !!!

Why would any Ticat fan want to go in to the season with two rookie QB's ?

In 2009, Obie will make sure the Oline is shored up, and add another big play receiver. Then Printers will be effective and then some.

I agree. Nice to see that Mitchell wants him back. There is nothing wrong with Printer's ability, attitude or desire.

When I see the Als pickup Galas for nothing however it makes me wonder what the hell the Ticats scouting department is doing...

Old news. Obie said the same thing two weeks ago.

Porter had the same O Line for protection as Printer's did. I believe Printer's intentions are solid however his on field play is horrid. If another post suggests his mechanics are off, surely someone in our coaching department would have noticed the problem and corrected it. As far as the scouting department, Mike Mc Carthy was a definate plus for the Cats. Unfortunately the braintrust let him go for the current group that we have.

So I will ask this question once again, what is Rambo's role and responsibilities???????????????

I'm sorry but porter played well WITH THE SAME OLINE! We upgrade the oline and Casey is all of a sudden better? That would also make Porter even better.

I agree that we need to improve the oline but Porter is our quarterback. Casey makes too much and has been ineffective for the past year and a half.

Casey has great talent like Bishop and Joesph strong arm can run but can he manage the offense. QBs like AC and Ray are cam and can pick a defence apart, its a bit of a chess game out there. Casey always seems to be in a Panic out on the field. There is nothing I would love more than to see Casey turn the team onto a power house with his talent at QB...But can he?

Same O-line but different offensive scheme. When Casey was starting it was run first run often. He was mainly throwing when the other team expected it. When Porter was in, the offence changed to more ballance if not a higer percentage of passing plays. Also, Marcelle moved the pocket more when Porter was starting, an advantage that plays into Casey's strenghts but one that he wasn't given under Charlie's stand in and throw passing game. Thus, as I see it, the "Yea but he had the same line" argument is not that valid. It may have been the same people in there but they were playing a different game.

Mitchell appears to be the problem considering he fully understood Taaffe should have not been brought back for a second year. If he thinks Printers is able to direct this team as well as Porter - he's dreaming!
Not sure why we have Mitchell considering he addmitted blacking out the Hall of Fam game was a huge mistake. So for all intensive purposes what does Scott Mitchell bring to the table? Not much!!!!!!!

Sorry but the proper phrase is "all intents and purposes" not "all intensive purposes".

But I agree with habman...........there's something wrong with Casey's mechanics.

As to why the coaching staff didn't correct it, look at the coaching staff the Cats have had the past two years.

The physical talent is there.........can the mechanics be corrected? Time will tell.

But I wouldn't put too much stock on front office staff saying that they want Casey to stay........they could not be expected to say anything else, if they are actively trying to move him. Why depress whatever trade value he may have?

Porter had ONE good game. The instant there his tendancies were figured out through film he did no better then Printers. I like Porter but this is a common thread with Ticat fans. They onoint people if they show the slightest promise and crucify players if they have a bad game.

As far as Printers value on the market with his current contract its nill with the exception of Toronto and there is no way that Ticats brass is going to chance that...

The way I see it is if Obilovich can't convince a number of experienced ballers to come to Hamilton he will be cooked by July of next year and the franchise will be in peril. Winnipeg will be better if they get a QB. Toronto will spend what is required they have no choice and Montreal will be even stronger.

MadJack... Thanks I will keep that in mind the next time a write a book. However phrased - Casey has to go. Whatever he had in 2004 has been lost in the Hammer. Porter has been a quick study and I have a lot hope for Trafalis (sp). Money can be spent to shore up the gaping holes in our O and D Line instead of the Mighty Casey.

Where there's a will there's a way. So there's a way around Casey's contract. Much of the money was front end loaded to my understanding so anyone taking on his contract now isn't paying an obscene amount.....and much of any trade negotiation would doubtless involve a re-working of that contract (either Casey taking a pay cut or the Cats agreeing to being responsible for a portion of it).

Porter had more than one good game. Porter played well whenever he was in. Yes, at times he struggled but he has never played in the cfl before whereas Casey was MOP. Porter is the real deal.

i honestly think Printers main problem is his mechanics .... I think it`s his release point and that is why alot of his passes were into the ground !!!
BINGO! I talked about this about 1/2 way through the season and we had a thread on it. Watch the arm motion- he's often releasing way past his head and his arm motion is over the top.