Casey Printers, Most over rated, over priced Player of 2008.


He probably is over rated and over priced, but we'll never know for sure.

With that O line of his, he can never stay on his feet long enough to find out lol.

It also doesn't help when the receivers drop the easy ones

he's got poor vision. he looks to his primary receiver and if he isn't open, he runs. if he doesn't find a hole, he'll reverse direction and then look to see if he has another guy open.

every defensive coordinator already knows this.

glad he didn't sign in b.c.

It may fall to Williams

John Kernaghan The Hamilton Spectator

(Jul 28, 2008)

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Casey is taking responsibility for
two of the eight sacks Edmonton notched.

Hamilton had given up just seven in their first four games.

"I could have got rid of the ball sooner a few times," he allowed.

"We fixed the turnovers and the penalties
but there's lots of parts to this.

Each week is going to be a dogfight for us
because everything is new with us."

The Offensive unit made one bad snap,
twice pass protection broke down
at running-back, and once at receiver.

In the first-half the Ticats
made 17 unforced errors

in 26 plays from scrimmage,

Mental meltdowns, and physical mistakes
that killed momentum or meant

the offence couldn't get started at all.

Somehow a lot of people place these breakdowns on Charlie's shoulders.

when all he can do is make changes.

Now Casey is taking heat for them, too.

Don't miss a beat, this week Richie,
or they'll be dumping all over you.

Hamilton's receiving core is pretty weak, no QB is going to look good if the guy on the other end can't catch a ball. I mean its not like Casey can run out there and catch it himself.

Hamilton's offensive line isn't that bad. Allowing seven sacks in the first four games wasn't the best in the league, but it was about average. And unlike every other team in the CFL, they have been opening holes for the best running game in the country. What caused them to allow eight sacks in one game is a mystery to me, and I don't believe that anyone else here has it figured out.

The big knock on Printers this year has been that he hasn't thrown a touchdown pass. BIG DEAL! When you have the league's most proficient running attack, you're not going to put up the numbers through the air that teams like Edmonton and B.C. do. But some simpletons see that his passing yardage is one of the lowest among starting QBs, and they see the zero in the TD PASSES column, and draw the conclusion that he is no good.

I couldn't care less if he doesn't throw a touchdown pass all season, as long as we continue scoring touchdowns along the ground.

I agree Dave. The problems Hamilton is having are not fully on Casey's shoulders. While he has made some mistakes, most of the problems were caused by a breakdown of his protection, and the fact that his recievers can't seem to bring the ball in...they have dropped way to many easy passes and run wrong routes.

Get the recievers working well, and the Ti-Cats will have a strong finish. Don't, and the Ti-Cats will have another losing season.

Personally, I do think coaching is an issue. I'm just not sure if it's Taffe's fault, or the fault of the OC and related coaches.

Well Blin, I was probably the worst for dumping on you. And I have to admit, Casey has not lived up to expectations.

Mind you, it's not all his fault. But he shares some blame.

I'll be interested to see what Richie will do on Thursday.

That is very man (or woman not sure.. gotta be pc you know) for admitting that...
My big solution to the Cats woes back then was if they cut Printers... how much cap room could they recoup...thus signing other players to shore up other areas of the team.
If Williams goes out and pulls a Dinwiddie and the Cats Cut Printers am I wrong to assume that the Cats would suddenly have 300K+ in cap room to go out and sign other players!!!
In reality they would even have more then 300K because they would be cutting other players to sign these new and improved players...NFL cuts are going start getting cut in a couple of weeks many who have played in the CFL before... with this kind of money the Cats could really improve their team... They could easily sign someone like Bashir Levengston... Juran Bolden... Heck they could even sign a good back up for the oft injured Lumsden...they could over pay some to sit on the bench (Jared Payton) and feel no pain.
Am I wrong somehow in that Printers contract is partically garenteed or something?
The Riders and even the Bombers are proof that you don't need to wrap 10% of you cap space up in a marque QB to be successful.
I honestly believe with Hamilton being a running team that this would be the best course of action.
P.S. out of pity...Hamilton is actually my second favorite team... everyone cheer for the underdog... However I'm sure if they won back to back Grey Cups They'd be my least favorite team.

Trade Printers to Toronto for Bishop. Let Printer's attitude poison the Argo's dressing room.


Careful what you wish for drummer. After 2004 he really split the dressing room.

If I actually said what I think of that statement I'd probably get banned from the forum.

Times are bad in Hamilton. We're back to looking for a new saviour again. Coming out of the gate, from the front office talk it sounded as if they really had put together a team. Unfortunately, we're seeing now that they haven't. The D-line is being restructured every week. The receivers have shown that there is not a single go-to guy in the group. Casey has surely made his share of mistakes. The defensive secondary is only mildly improved and that's not saying much. The linebacking corps has been severely weakend and the O-line can't pass block worth a darn. Let's not even talk about an offensive coordinator who consistently calls plays that are designed to throw the ball short of the first down marker on second and 10. The brightest spot is Jesse Lumsden who has done all he can to carry the team on his back.

There we have it folks. There is lots wrong with this team. Did you notice that I included Casey in part of it? He is hardly THE problem however. Give the guy a break. He is one of the few guys that I see hustling to make a play and he tries so hard out there to make plays and give other guys chances to make plays. He needs to get rid of the ball earlier sometimes, that's really the biggest knock I have on him; he's trying too hard to let someone - anyone get open, or make a block for that matter.

If he was throwing tons of interceptions or had a terrible completion percentage or was throwing the ball over the heads of open receivers consistently or hurting the team in some way - then this post might have some validity.

There's lots wrong in Tiger Town. It's quite sad. Good luck to Williams this week. He's stepping into a mine field.

The Argos sure seemed to want Casey pretty badly last fall ... to serve as Bishop's "backup". Right. Just like Joseph was brought in so they could play a two-QB system.

What happened to get your popcorn ready for the big show, Casey?

There's a reason why he's not welcomed in BC anymore.

Then again to be fair the Ti-Cats are "young and inexperienced" (could be taken as a nice way to say they suck)