Casey Printers, Most over rated, over priced Player of 2008.

Hamilton is wasting their money..

this guy needs to go and go soon!

how bad can you play? Well Printers is so showing how worthless he is..

Kevin Glenn makes a close second too :wink:

Thank god we have Dinwiddie to step, take control and win.

I'm not convinced that Hamilton would do any better with ANY quarterback. Their problems are just too deep.


hamilton gives up, what should be, 15 sacks a game...yea, its all printers :roll:

put printers with the lions, stamps, riders, argos, als....he would dominate, no doubt.

You get my vote I'm sure it's not all Printers. But I do like seeing him squirm being an east rival and all.

i forgot, put printers with the bombers receivers and see what happens....18-0 on the season.

Yeah I don't think the problem is Printers although how about Richie Williams, he looks good again this year. Played well last year when he had the chance and if Printers is out for a game it looks like he might be able to lead the team.

2008 the year of the backup QB.

come on you guys.. Printers has issues with throwing accurately, making the right reads, knowing when to get rid of the ball..

he's not exactly living up to his 400,000 that he's earning... right now.

wouldn't matter what team he was on.

i totally disagree with u.

  • best pitching bullpen with garbage team around them, cant win enough to make playoffs.
  • best goalie with a team that never scores goals, cant win.
  • best QB with a crap team around him, cant win.

casey is in the final scenario.

well we can argue the 'best' of that final scenario you provided, I do however agree with you.

cflisthebest does have a valid point, Mr. Printer's isn't always on point, but when he is it's good.

I do think his contract was for 500,000 did that change?

Yep, the guy is really fighting it right now. He makes a simple 10 yd throw into a series of amazing athletic manouevers, throwing off-balance across his body on the dead run, requiring perfect sycronization to make a completion, but alas, the stars are not always aligned for Casey.

What's the latest on Casey for next week?
Overall you have to give him this entire season before evaluating his performance.
So far, I would say it is below average. Nothing that a few wins and throwing for several TD's could not improve his stock.

...Casey Printers cannot... and never will be an entire team....good qb. though :wink:

I stated this after one week and got dumped all over..... now a month later nobody hardly argues it...what's up.

The fix for Casey is an oline that group is pathetic really. Printers does not have time to set up and throw. No QB will do well with the protection they get from that oline.


Faloney was one of those all-time greats for sure. Too bad he passed away in 1999 in Hamilton - another American who came to Canada and stayed.


.....his home phone number...