riderfan i agree with you about lefors but i will have to defend giles. he is not being utilized by the coaching staff (in face a lot of our offensive talent is not, lefors sucking doesnt help the matter) but last game against calgary when given the ball giles looked amazing, he is and will be a good rb he just hasnt got the opportunity to shine just yet

Heh, I was trying to be optimistic, but I can't disagree with you, MJ. It's a bit puzzling that Kelly has not been able to game plan a good offense for his golden boy, and moreover, that LeFors has been so ineffective. I mean, we're not talking about the odd INT or mediocre numbers. We're talking about a completion percentage under 50% and virtually no ability to move the ball through the air.

IMO losing Armstrong and Stegall has hurt that receiving corps more than the Bombers would like to admit. Edwards and Bryant are talented veterans but haven't proven that they can be the go-to receivers when the other team is keying in on them specifically as primary threats. And Franklin being injured only puts more of a strain on them to make plays to help out their young QB.

Seems to me that you and I rarely disagree…it’s scary.

Who knew that we were ... THE SAME PERSON?? :lol: :lol: :wink: can you be MadJack when i am..... :lol: :lol: this sounds like some kind of ol comedy schtick.... :lol: :lol:

I can think of worse posters to be a clone of than you I'm complimented.

you know what guys, as much as i would like to defend our team here, these guys are completely right. Ticats are a good team this year, but 7 of 19 for 99 yards is rediculous. the guys barely got any first downs never mind drive the field.

We have an extremely good defence, and very very good weapons on offence, but a good run game and spectacular defence isnt enough in the three down game.

we need to get another QB in here and keep lefors as number two randall as three and groom them that way.

Casey printers is looking real good right about now

yep, good post!

We have a good arsenal of recievers here, but we dont have a superstar reciever that teams need to game plan around.. prime examples of these guys are geroy simon, kenyon rambo and Arland bruce. DA and Milt were these guys for us and now they are gone.

It's either my Argos or the BB who should be calling either of these two unemployed QB's.
I am really not sure whose situation is worse, but I bet the shortfall will be very evident this weekend in the toilet bowl match.

...hey don't go thinking the hammer is all 'home and cooled out' in the qb. dept....Remember they pulled Porter and the pics Glenn chucked in the last WPG/HAM. game, looked like the Kevin of old...If it weren't for the fact we had such a pathetic performance ourselves at the qb. spot.....could of easily been a different out-come...We might be playing the toilet bowl ..but after the Als. get through with the Cats this weekend...they might look like something that might be flushed as well... :lol:

You are right, except the Hammer would never go back to the Printers project. Bishop on the other hand......?

This back2back will tell the story of the 2009 Blue Eskimos

Bishop??? Are you serious??? As an Eskimo fan I'd love to see that (since I don't think we'll beat anyone else :smiley: )

Lefors is pretty green but give him a chance. First time I seen a QB knock a linebacker out of service like he did. Dinwiddie wasn't the answer or Glen or Tee Martin or any of the others you've tried.

LeFors could have the Ryan Leaf game (the 1/14 for 4 yards and 4 INTs) this weekend and I'd still want no part of Bishop. Printers I might be open to giving a shot if LeFors doesn't get it going in the next few weeks. Get a look at Randall while Printers learns the system and if Randall isn't getting it done either then let Printers take over. But at the same time, he'd have to be a big enough upgrade that he can get the Bombers into position for a playoff run - not just making the playoffs but actually having a chance to go somewhere - to warrant wasting the time that could be spent developing LeFors and/or Randall. I'm not convinced bringing in an older guy is the way to go.

I don’t think either Bishop or Printers is smart enough to run Kelly’s full offense.

I don't think Kelly's smart enough to run Kelly's offense.

I wonder if these so called QB experts that are bashing Lefors here are the same ones that ran Danny Mac out of Wpg and AC out of Hamilton. I wish I could replay all those Hamilton comments about how bad AC was and how he could never play in this league. He seems to have done alright. Would you so called arm chair experts even be man enough to admit you made those comments, I doubt it.

Yeah but he’s thrown less picks than your boy Durant…he also hasn’t “led” his team to a 43-10 thumping, in fact our offense hasn’t had a game yet where they scored under 10.

Technically, the team hasn't scored under 10 points, I think the offense only put up 6 in Hamilton.

Let's restart this thread, right about now and just after the first half, both teams look horrible.
The offensive numbers for Lefors and the BB are offensive.
Either team but especially the BB should be calling Casey Printers asap and have him in town before the night is out.