After tonights game and as a matter of fact, so far this year you guys have the worst QB’s in the league.
Right about now I would be calling either or as a matter of fact both Printers and Bishop as this would be a major improvement.
In fact, the Kevin Glenn decision looks rather stupid.

It sure does.

Not that Kevin Glenn was great or anything.............he was 'good'..........2 TDs, 2 Int..................but "good" is way better than mediocre, which is the best that can be said for LeFors.

But please tom, give up your mancrush on Bishop.............................

I agree Lefors has been underwhelming, but again Kelly had me miffed with some of his play calling tonight.

It's just the growing pains of rookies.

Give Lefors credit, he has grit and the ability to scramble with good gains, but his arm is well below average.

Yup................reminds me a lot of Dinwiddie..............................and where's Dinwiddie these days? Oh yes, Kelly cut him.

As much as i’m not a fan of Printers or Bishop they are still far better than LeFors.

I'm still trying to figure out what the difference is between LeFors and Dinwiddie.................they appear to me to be basic clones of each other.................and yet Kelly thinks one is good enough to be a starter and the other not good enough to even make the team................what the heck he sees that I don't see I have no idea.......and I"m sure he's not going to talk about it because it is a non-issue (oh no, we're going to beat that line to death...........)

And the biggest thing here is Kelly is way too stubborn to admit he made a mistake with the QB position and make the necessary changes while it's still early in the season.

I too, thought it was a mistake to get rid of Dinwiddie. Maybe he'll come back.

Bad move by the Bombers for sure Dinwittie never got a chance, i do agree it was time for Glenn to go but they should have kept Dinwittie as atleast a back up, Lefores will always be backup material sorry I just don't see and sign of any briliance out of this guy, time to shop around the league for a QB two more weeks and a possible to more losses and they will be out shopping, Unfortunatly you have a very stubborn coach that I dont think will admitt to making mistakes. Its going to be an interesting next couple weeks in Bomber land

If your head coach made Lefores the starting QB, I question his ability as a head coach. EVen I can see Lefores isn't good enough. The guy can't even throw a spiral for cripes sakes. And I mean some of those longer passes he threw? First off his arm is very weak. And second, he had no idea where the ball was going. NOt a good combination.

...who's going to be the first ones to place the call....Bombers....Argos....or Sask.....In the Riders case they seem to be all-full-up, with their latest acquisition....but another, one or two, wouldn't lol...and like LeFors, Darian ain't impressing me a whole lot.. :wink:

Durant is 6 amd 1 as a starter his last game was against a very good team and he was rushed every play, good experience for him he will rebound, he's able to win games and win big. Leflores is going know where fast sorry Bomber fans you were all wrong :slight_smile: time to shop around maybe the Riders can swing a deal with one of there 5 QB's , why they have 5 i dont know?

Haven't seen LeFors lead his team to a 43-10 loss. The two losses combined have been by less than that, actually. How is it having the league interception leader anyway?

LeFors' numbers are underwhelming right now but he's had so many throws that are so close to being made and are just off by a few inches that over three games probably add 300 yards and 3 TDs to his totals. When he made his starts in Edmonton the accuracy was there, so there's reason to believe he'll figure it out in time here. The timing will improve as he gets more used to Kelly's system. I don't see how three games says all Bomber fans were wrong. That "grit/moxie" as papa says is a very good thing to have and he's making good decisions as evidenced by 1 INT in three games. He's not getting it done right now but there's no need to proclaim LeFors a useless third stringer yet.

unfortunatly the Bombers and Kelly are going know where fast, Bombers coach is stubborn and wont accept he made some real bad decisions, just wait couple weeks if they lose there next game 2 games things will get very interesting, your star QB did not even play a full game, he has a 44% pass rating, if you really think this guys going to be a good starter then your in denial for sure. he's a star much like that giles that is suppose to be a star as well and where is he? silent running. good luck though

'Close' only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades. We can post counterfactuals for anyone if we so choose. Fact is, LeFors hasn't made those throws, hasn't been above 50% on completions, and generally hasn't gotten it done at QB. Is it too soon to write him off? Definitely. But let's not sugarcoat his performance through three weeks: it's been pretty poor.

I'm not trying to say he's been good so far. Close plays don't count, no, but when it's just slightly off like he has been it still seems like something that's correctable.

Agreed...I think LeFors is definately a project worth finishing...anybody remember how crappy Cavillo was his first few years in the league?

Fair enough. And for what it's worth, I actually think the problem is more scheme-related. Kelly himself admitted in both losses that he didn't call his best plays for the QB. If Kelly is able to formulate an offensive game plan that is effective for LeFors, we might start seeing some results.

I wouldn't hold my breath. LeFors is Kelly's boy..........he traded to get him, he anointed him the starter. After all winter to plan a playbook playing to whatever LeFors' strengths may be, after a full training camp, after 2 preseason games, and after 3 regular season games, Kelly STILL hasn't come up with an offensive game plan that plays to LeFors' strengths? Pretty poor coaching in my books......................