Casey Printers makes the KC practice roster

Printers won't be back this season. He was added to the Chiefs' pracice roster.

An Argo fan

What a clown, 95k on an NFL PR and potentially 4-5 times that in the CFL.

Sign a 2+1 and go back to the states while hes hitting his prime.

[quote="Crash"]What a clown, 95k on an NFL PR and potentially 4-5 times that in the CFL.

Sign a 2+1 and go back to the states while hes hitting his prime.[/quote

i think an athelete wants to prove to himself that he can make it in the best league there is. he owes it to himself to see if he can make it just like jesse. every player needs to do this or they will always have regrets. even damon allen regrets not trying to stick because he will always second guess yourself. two years from now if the nfl cuts him or hes tired the money will still be here for him in the cfl so why not?

If i read the practice roster rules correctly…you are only allowed on it once, for 1 year (maybe 2). At the age of 24 Casey Printers is quickly exausting his NFL avenue. By coming up here for another 2-3 years he can still go back at the age of 27-28 and if they want to place him on the PR THEN it would make more sense.

A player in his position at his age should be playing…

crash my point is who are you to make that decision for a man. you dont walk in his shoes. in the end he has to do whats right for himself. calling him a clown is a little out of hand. he can still come back here and play at 27 28 and whos to say an injury and hes on the team. trust me the cfl, although dear to all of us canadians isnt the end all be all you want it to be. most americans would look at it as second place.

While I don't think Printers went about this in the right way, he should have done a $1 mill multi-year contract here and then tried in the States like Moon, he is doing, as said by newworld above, what is best for him. And maybe he'll get a chance to play with injuries, who knows.

C'mon Crash, cut him some slack. The guys who graduate from junior hockey year after year, aren't saying..."gee, I hope I get drafted by an AHL team". They want to go to the NHL where the best players are and the salaries are astronomical if they make it--even to ride the bench. Why would football players be any different? Their goal is the NFL and the rest (CFL, Arena, Europe...) is a consolation prize. And I'm a CFL fan but that's the reality.

An Argo fan

You're right Barney. The only thing is, I think if I was Casey, I might have taken the up front money, he was offered $1 mill multi year by the Lions, right, rather than what he is doing now. But then, this $1 mill offer is probably still on the table I'd gather if Casey wants to come back here next year, so then nothing is lost really, he gave one year to play in the NFL but then I think he'll come back here for the money if he sees he has little chance of making the active roster for the Chiefs in the future.

It's a Good move by him..
Cause if he dose come back next Season to the CFL.
He can Sign with anyone for $$$$$$

very Smart..