Casey Printers main target is Geroy Simon.

This is why im stoked to have printers back, geroy will be seeing that ball A LOT more, like it use to be. Pierce only learned a couple days ago that Geroy should always get thrown to because he will always catch it..

Ok we all knew Simon's was Printers favorite target back in 04 and 05.. Remember Bucks been with this team since 2005 and has a Grey cup ring with the lions in 06. Also point out that Buck and Casey have been teammates before in 05 . The only difference is the roles have been reverse.
Simon's most receiving yards in his career was 1,816 yards,and that was 2006 a year after Casey left the team. Even though Buck wasn't always the starter back in 06, He did throw for over 1,700 yards as a back up. He know Geroy was one of the top receivers in game considering he had Dickenson and JJ to communicate too as well. So to say that Buck only learn a couple of days ago to throw more to Simon is a bit of a stretch. Remember Paris Jackson isn't a bad receiver either.

And, you have to give a nod to the plays that are called. We saw earlier in the year that Lions plays seemed to make Simon a secondary target or even third or fourth, rarely first. Now the offensive coordinator seems to have also seen the light. Now is this because Paris is out? I dunno but we are finally reaping the rewards.

Guys I'm not sure why you trash Pierce and Chapdelaine so much. I'm sure there isnt a single play where Simon is the fourth read, cmon.
Quarterbacks have reads, 1st 2nd 3rd and so on. If teams have decided to double cover or even triple cover Simon then the quarterback sees that and moves on to his next read.
While Simon lit it up last week in Edmonton, it was pretty clear they were forcing the ball into coverage. That may have paid off for one week but might not be the best way to go week in and week out.

Sure Casey Printers threw the ball to Geroy, but this is a quarterback who will never be accused of taking too much time reading the defense. In 2004 they had a pretty magical offense all the way around. Simon, Clermont, Brazzel, Cutolo (I'm forgetting a couple) all fit perfectly into the system. Don't think that Printers was a one man show - even if he did tell everybody that afterwards.

Football is a team game. You don't think the departures of Clermont and Murphy have anything to do with it? Clermont was Mr All Canadian here and Murphy was the top O-lineman (AND a Left Tackle) in the league. Similarly we don't have a dominant defence as in 2004 giving plenty of possessions and great field position.

The other thing I want to know is how come nobody has given any credit to Paris Jackson for having a great year.
Nah, lets all blame Buck and Jacques for everything.

Go Lions!

Yo eleven you totally missed the point.

I'm sure I did miss it; however all I ever read around here is that the reason we lose is Buck and Jacques... And Casey Printers is the greatest QB of all time after his ONE good professional season 5 years ago - and that he and Geroy will go undefeated and break every record ever written.

Then we win and nobody says good job Buck and Jacques. Geroy was the only player on the field winning the game. Sad.

Thats not true at all, I've seen alot of people back up Pierce and JJ , and im one of them. If you even bother reading some of the response on some of the threads then you know what you said isn't totally true. And did you even bother reading what we had to say on the previous response.

loins40... yes there are people who backed up Buck.. myself included. I have said from the start that Buck is the QB that gives us the best chance to win game in and game out (even though he didn't play like it the first few games of the season).. but you have to admit.. there have been a lot of people (and they've been very vocal) who talk like Casey is the second coming of Christ... and that if he were our starter we'd be unbeatable and Geroy would have 2000+ yards by now.

And i have to be honest here Doyo... if YoEleven missed your point.. then you didn't state your point. In your post all you said was that it seemed that until now Geroy was a second, third or fouth read on a lot of plays and that now the OC has seen the light. YoEleven addressed that and he's right (i'm assuming Yo is a guy... sorry if i assumed wrong Yo). There is no way Geroy is a fourth read with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions and those would be screen passes or designed plays where he is used as a decoy. He's also right about some of those passes being forced into double coverage. The 60 yard bomb for the game winning TD is a perfect example. Yes the play worked and we got the TD and won the game, but there were two defenders right there and if that throw was even a yard off target that ball was picked off and coming back the other way. There is also no chance that the OC finally "saw the light" and just now realized that Geroy is one of the top receivers in the league. If he didn't know that until now he wouldn't be an OC anywhere in this league.

As a further point... i would hope that Geroy is a second or third read on at least half the plays in the book. If you put all your eggs in one basket and make one receiver on your team the first read on every passing play you're not going to get very far. For an offence to be effective you need to keep the defence on their toes and keep them guessing as much as possible. If your first read on evey passing play is the same guy it gets a little easy to defend and you're not going to move the ball with much consistancy.

Well, it is also possible that after tomorrow the sun may shine a little brighter around hereā€¦ And brighter with another win next weekend and so on.

Go Lions!

Chronicguy , your right. There have been alot of people at the beginning of the year wanted Casey to sign here just because the way team started out at the gate. But at the same time You ,me and a few been on the same page since the season started preaching patients and its a team game . Not one player is going to take you to the promise land.

Things to point out GeroySimonfan. How many QB are taught to throw into double or triple coverage? Never!! How often is that play going to work? Not very often, But its not something a coach will put in a playbook in a middle of the game. Yes it may have worked in Edmonton but try that against Calgary ,Sask,Mont, and you may have a different result. How many times have you come on here and ask for JJ to start after Buck has thrown a game ending Int into double coverage when the ball was intended too you know who.?
You also have to given the fact it was a hail mary. Its the last min of the game and your down more then a field goal. Thats the only reason a qb would even consider throwing to a receiver that is covered by three guys.It doesn't matter if your the greatest receiver in the game, you need some luck as well.

okay okay okay, sorry, i was just excited because I know printers likes geroy, which for me though more ball for geroy, but yes, buck is doing an excellent job, and does throw to him, and you are right lions40, mostly no qb's get taught to throw in double/triple coverage like buck did. GO LIONS!

Don't want to burst anybody's bubble but, your making it sound like, all the quarterback has to do is throw it geroy's way and it's done. that's what Lulay did and Geroy had just as much a chance to get control of that ball but instead Jonathan Hefney took it for a pick. He's not really superman..really. sorry

sorry i am replying so late, I just read this post now, but your wrong, he is superman! go geroy simon!

I don't know about that, I'm kinda inclined to agree with GeroySimonFan on this one. And I'm not a big fan of 81, just respecting his play.

If Geroy was 6'4, nobody would have ever heard of Randy Moss. He's got everything you could ever want in a receiver except the size (I'm talking athleticism, hands AND awareness). - He's not 6'0 like the roster claims, try 5'10 at most.

I'd say in a 1 on 1 all you have to do is throw the ball at him and get ready to huddle up on 1st down. However..... How often have we seen Geroy 1 on 1 in the last 5 years? Twice maybe?

My all time fave is still Swervin' Mervyn.