Casey Printers looking for a new home in Vancouver

According to, Mr. Printers is looking at Vancouver to hopefully restart his career. Winnipeg gave him a look and no contract offer was made. Montreal doesn't seem interested so he's looking to Wally to give him an opportunity in "any capacity"!!
Thats interesting in itself. I believe he's a pretty good Qb but the other intangibles that have been mentioned previously on this forum seem to be the deciding factors that are having teams shy away from him.
Should Wally consider signing him? If memory serves me correctly, he didn't leave the Lions under the best of terms.
IMO....I believe the Lions have two very capable Qb's right now! Two different styles which compliment the team as a whole quite well! I would continue on with Pierce and Jackson and wish Mr. Printers luck in his future aspirations. I also believe that he will be employed again as soon as one of the teams suffer an injury or a major lack of production at the Qb position.
I don't believe for a second that we've seen the end of Mr.Printers.....but I'd be very surprised if he showed up in a Lions uniform again.

I've never been a Casey Printers fan. He's never struck me as much of a team player.

But maybe his career having this near death experience will give his attitude an adjustment.

I agree totally. My prediction is that Printers will not be signed by anyone prior to the start of the season, but he best keep in shape; as soon as a starter somewhere in the league either craps the bed badly or suffers a serious injury, Printers' phone will be ringing.

Honestly, I can't see him coming back. Especially in BC where they are probably the deepest team in the CFL at the QB position. The only possible way I see Printers coming back to BC is if Peirce gets injured early in the season and Jackson plays brutally and loses 5 or 6 games in a row. Otherwise I think Printers has a better chance at getting signed by a different team that is weak at the QB position and loses a number of games at the beginning of the season. I'm surprised he wasn't signed by Winnipeg.

One thing is for certain. If he does come back, he will get booed. BIG TIME. Especially in BC and Hamilton.

I'm an Argos fan and I will boo. I don't like the guy.

He and his agent have got to concede that he hasn't done ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY GOOD in 4 years and, as a consequence of that fact, take waaay less money than they are used to making.

IMO a base of 70-80k/season, with some performance based incentives for him to earn up to 125k is about in line with his recent production value. If he's saying "any capacity", he'd sign for a similar amount which is still waaay more than most teachers, cops, and soldiers.

I am a fan of second, third, and even fourth chances but Mr. Printers has likely worn out his welcome in the CFL for his actions in the past. Yes, he was MVP of this league. But, Micheal Jackson was once the king of pop music as well.

Wishful thinking, but maybe the humbling experience will change him.......but I think Birdman is more correct.

Not only will I boo him if he plays for BC, I'll dig out my old paper bags to wear (From the Pezzim 90's fiasco's) to the games.

He fired his agent. That situation reminded me lf Eric Lindros. NEVER get family in on your business, it will not end well. Maybe he has learned a lesson, maybe not. Its a gamble. If either of our QBs get hurt badly this year, you likely will see him back before long.

But, only time wil tell. Plus Printers is a far cry from Jacko. Printers still looks like a man of one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on previous history, this BC fit for Casey and involving Wally may be the best(and only) fit.

[quote="Birdman69"] I'm surprised he wasn't signed by Winnipeg.

...I was surprised the time of the Bomber free agent camp......I was wondering until i heard what Kelly had to say....and that was ..quote...." we had a qb. at try-out camp that thought he knew more than the coaches"....sounds like Casey.... but Kelly added....'I'm not mentioning any names"....With the non-contract offer made to Printers by the Bombers i can take a pretty good guess on who that was.........At any rate Bombers have signed Williams out of the hammer....who out-played Casey....why would the Bombers consider Printers anymore.....I'd rather go with Ricky...and Lefors is looking pretty good at t.c also...... :wink: Keep him in B.C. Wally might need him.. :lol:

I wouldn't rule any team out automatically.

After all, if Burris, Ray, Joseph, or Calvillo go down early with a season-ending injury, I could see any of those teams calling Printers.

But I expect that if Porter struggles or is injured, the Cats would turn to Glenn and not make that call..........same with the Bombers, if LeFors struggles or is injured, they'll turn first to their backups.....and ditto for Saskatchewan, if Durant struggles or is injured, I think they'll try to make do with their backups before calling on Printers.

But that said, I think that in any of the foregoing scenarios, Printers is the first guy to get a call, before anyone like Bishop, Dinwiddie, et al.

I wouldn't be so sure about the Stamps. Yes the GC is in Calgary so there's plenty of pressure to win at all costs. But they look pretty deep at QB going into this year.

They eventually have to throw Barrick Nealy in there and see what he can do. He's been with the team long enough.
D'Orazio was the AFL MVP and the Arenabowl MVP too. He's 32, so not a kid and he has pro (albeit Arena football) experience.
Drew Tate was good enough for the Riders to hold onto him for 2 seasons, even though he was "injured" the whole time.

One of those guys might just pan out like when Flutie got hurt and Garcia lit it up.

Good points. I knew Drew off the field, and the problem with Drew Tate is, he doesn't want to get better. That said, he has a lot of raw talent but not quite enough to allow him the luxuries he affords himself physically and mentally.

You can only cruise on your college numbers for so long. The sooner the Stamps coaches see this, the better off they'll be in the QB department, because his spot would make room for someone who does. IMO ET's ego(we all have one, some more than others) is the only reason Drew lasted in Regina.

i would like to have him in calgary as a backup for burris. i think given the chance with the calgary reciever core, he could do some good things. but then again with that recieving core even ricky foggy could win some games.

If Printers doesen't get an opportunity this year. I think that's it for him. A year out of football at age 30 is a killer. I think he knows that and is hoping for anything just to stay in the books somwhere. Probably hurting quite a bit too with football season started and he's sitting home for the first time, that's tough...

Yep. Some regret is setting in for him I'm sure. You have to feel for the man and his fans.

with the money he got playing here in Hamilton, he should be able to find a nice home in Vancouver!

Casey Printers is/was a one hit wonder. He had one good season, and he has been mediocre to terrible since. Look at the stats, they don't lie. Not only that but he is now injury prone.

He is dreaming if he thinks he will ever play in Vancouver again.

In fact, I would be quite surprised if he played professional football anywhere again.

So hypothetically (and God forbid), if Buck gets drilled to the turf in Week One and separates his shoulder - certainly not out of the realm of possibility given his tendency to suffer significant injuries, do you really think Wally will go the rest of the season with Jarious Jackson, Zac Champion and Travis Lulay? Or maybe place a call to Ryan Dinwiddie? :lol:

I think you're dreaming if you think he won't end up in BC again if disaster strikes.

Currently I think BC is doing the right thing, I really like Buck Pierce and as long as he can stay healthy there's no place for Printers. That being said, I'm not overly enamoured with Jarious, he reminds me of Bishop. He's not a bad option as a backup though, he has a strong arm and can run, I just wouldn't count on him in a starting role. I know nothing of the other 2 QBs they have in camp, but history has shown us Wally produces quality at the position.

If Bucky gets hurt, depending on how much confidence Wally has in his 3 and 4, we very well could see Printers back.

The #3 here is pretty good. I do have a fair bit of faith in Zac Champion. I mean, with a last name like that, how can you not? But seriously, he looks pretty good and I'd have no problem him filling if Buck does get hurt (knock on wood). I can see Jarious being cut after this year if Zac continues to improve as he would be a very expensive backup.