CASEY PRINTERS just live ----- good for him

He basically told the Kansas City Chiefs to stick it!

Printers said '' how can I make Chicken Salad with Chicken #@#$''

That's what the Chiefs gave him. No doubt that's accurate, and they basically told him he has the ability to be a great Chiefs QB. But wouldn't say

'' I know the NFL is stupid and we can't pick you over Huard, and Croyle because our fan base, the city of Kansas City wouldn't understand''

It was just live on the HBO series, and Printers basically turned around and said ''this is BS, I can't believe it''

The Chiefs made a huge mistake for sure, but I hope Printers just takes a role in the CFL gets better, and becomes a better QB in the CFL and stays in the CFL for the rest of his career.

I'm worried the NFL damaged his goods. No way it helped him.

So I hope he just loads up for the rest of the CFL season, and prepares to star again!

It's odd, even most Chief fans would agree that he was the best of the 3 quarterbacks during pre season and he got the axe.

The politics of the NFL came into play once again, im gladd Keith got a fair shake in Indy.

Indy situation was different. Croyle was a pretty draft pick last year, and Huard guided the team to wins.

DeDe Dorsey hasnt done anything in the L. The only time his name came up was when he was arrested for DUI (I think it was).

Sort of, Indy signed him last year did they not? He was the guy the coaching staff said they had high expectations and talked him up, so I figured they might keep him around to save face.

Draft picks and guys aqcuired through trades always stick because releasing them makes the team look bad.

People always say it’s the politics in the NFL - there is politics, but that’s too easy a scapegoat. That bit about the fans not understanding is rubbish.

The real answer, plain and simple, is money. Explaining the NFL cap rules is complex, but here it is: if a player gets a big signing bonus up front, it doesn’t all count against the cap in that first year. The bonus is averaged out over the life of a contract. So, for example say a guy gets a $25 million signing bonus, and say $20 million over 5 years, for easy math.

The cap hit to the team is smoothed out, at about $9 million a year.

But (and this is the kicker) if that guy gets cut in year 2 - there’s a HUGE cap hit to the team, because there are $20 million of unallocated salary (the remainder of his bonus) that has to go against the cap in the year you cut him.

So if high-priced talent is even remotely close to a cheaper player, the ironic thing is that from a cap perspective, it’s easier to let the cheaper player go.

That’s why you see alot of these high draft pick high dollar duds get carried along for no apparent reason, even keeping their jobs ober seemingly better players - it’s the cap.

Yes Indy signed DeDe last year. He was a rookie who was released by the Bengals because of his arrest I believe. Situations were very different.

There are different ways the cap is done. Like most contracts are stretched year by year like you said. But Mike Vick's contract was stretched over everygame he played in. Sounds wierd, but thats what I read.

Also thats what the Falcons will not be cutting Vick. Since he is suspended they dont have to pay him at all. Had they cut him, they would have had quite a cap hit coming their way...

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this was true... he started out in the CFL so he must be bad... whatever... Huard is a decent QB... but outside of him, who do they have? :roll:

Did you even read my post, Chief?

Jman, I didn't know Vick's was game by game. Hmmph. You're right about why they can't cut him though - they can't afford the cap hit.

I'll give you a full report on the Chiefs when I see them vs the Raiders in October :wink:

Sounds like politics to me.

Read this in MTL paper todsy.

Hamilton needs him and even BC but Casey may not want to play for BC. Tor. would screw things up for them with Bishop and the leaque if they get him and it be another problem like BC when Printers was there with Dickerson.

Calvillo doubtful, Printers in wings?

A link por vous!

  • paul

TSN is reporting on its website that Casey Printers will sign with the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

I think this is great news, because now every team in the league has a bonafide starter.

The Tiger Cats will no longer be a soft touch on the schedule. Meaning there are now 8 competetive teams in the league.

Next move.EXPANSION!

Agreed! Let's hope this is the fix they need!

Makes for some exciting football!

Of course...the Bombers are poised to take it all now!


Yes, yes, yes, huge signing, stating the obvious of course!!

I am predicting a Winnipeg-Saskatchewen final. If not Winnipeg, a Torono-Saskatchwan final.

That second matchup could maybe bring the Grey Cup is highest TV number in history.

What I find amusing is this lone article on the Als buried on page 5 of the Montreal Gazette sports section.

After the Habs. No problem there.
But behind the NFL. And baseball.Even though baseball is dead in Montreal.

Like I always say. When it comes to our media, the inmates are running the asylum.

berezin, come on, this is the way for some editors to make themselves feel important and put articles where they want to based on what they like the most. Their right and my right not to purchase their paper. Remember, it's just newspapers anyway which don't matter any more really, it's all about TV and new computer technology which might even make TV somewhat obsolete in the not-so-distant future.

Dickenson do you really no anything about this league!