CASEY PRINTERS just live ----- good for him

He basically told the Kansas City Chiefs to stick it!

Printers said '' how can I make Chicken Salad with Chicken #@#$''

That's what the Chiefs gave him. No doubt that's accurate, and they basically told him he has the ability to be a great Chiefs QB. But wouldn't say

'' I know the NFL is stupid and we can't pick you over Huard, and Croyle because our fan base, the city of Kansas City wouldn't understand''

It was just live on the HBO series, and Printers basically turned around and said ''this is BS, I can't believe it''

The Chiefs made a huge mistake for sure, but I hope Printers just takes a role in the CFL gets better, and becomes a better QB in the CFL and stays in the CFL for the rest of his career.

I'm worried the NFL damaged his goods. No way it helped him.

So I hope he just loads up for the rest of the CFL season, and prepares to star again!

that doesn't make sense, you have a young, athletic, mobile, rocket-armed, african-american QB who could relate to fans and put bums in the seats and sell tickets, yet kansas city would rather start the season with an old, retread, has-been career backup journey man in damon huard? makes no sense to me, and why do they love croyle so much? the kid is too skinny and fraile, and he didnt even do much at bama? also why did KC sign tyler thigpen to their practice roster? he is garbage, they give larry johnson a huge contract yet they stick him with a horrible QB duo? the nfl makes no sense to me, its clear that King Carl aka Carl PEterson is making these foolish calls.

I don't think it will. The Chiefs dismissed Tom Clements in similar neglect in 1980, and Tom returned to star once more. The NFL experience does tend to accelerate the mental discipline curve of a successful QB. I'm sure Casey will benefit from that at least.

Oski Wee Wee,