Casey Printers & Jesse Palmer to the CFL?

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the TEAM 1040 radio station in Vancouver is reporting Casey Printers will be cut from the the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday, although it is unsure at this time whether he will be released outright or placed on the practice roster. Printers' CFL rights are owned by the B.C. Lions.

Despite being cut from the 49ers, Jesse Palmer isn't ready to give up on his football career just yet.

"I'm definitely going to keep playing. The question now is: will it be north or south of the border," the 27-year-old Palmer told the Ottawa Citizen. "We need to make an educated decision. Do I do what I did last year and wait around (for injuries to other NFL quarterbacks), or is it time to take the dream up north?"

Palmer's CFL rights are held by the Montreal Alouettes, who are currently mired in a three-game losing streak with much of the blame falling on the shoulders of incumbent QB Anthony Calvillo.

Alouettes general manager Jim Popp said he wouldn't pursue Palmer, instead he would wait for the Ottawa-raised QB to contact him. Popp also said Palmer would have "little chance to play right away" as Calvillo is still the No. 1 pivot in Montreal and he would need to spend the rest of the season to learn the Montreal offence.

I bet my bottom dollar that Printers will be in Toronto this year, like others have suggested.

well, it seems the re-born ottawa renegades could have a home grown starting at QB?

and it will be good to see casey back in the CFL...he was very exciting to watch.

Sure is nice to see sources quoted when info's posted on here....

For the Printers issue. His agent told CKNW on Monday that if he got cut, he would probably be added to the "Practice" roster.

Don't get your hopes up too high Earl!

Actually my hopes are that he doesn't go to Toronto, I'm a Cat fan BTW. :wink:

What I've heard based on KC is that Casey probably will end up on the KC practice roster, and will not be returning to Canada this year.

Printers to TO
Pamer to Ottawa via Montreal giving him during the Draft.

palmer seems like he wants to play somewhere now, cuz he said he doesnt want to wait along time for an nfl team to pick him up, but montreals GM said theres no way he'd play in the CFL this year, and would just be a backup this season....

so it seems unlikely we'll see palmer here until next year.

Who says Palmer's even good enough to play in the CFL? The way he's talking he seems to believe he's got the starters job anywhere he goes. Could be the next Tim Rosenbaugh

Or Kevin Feterik!

Or Ted White. :lol:

Actually Kevin was the better of the two! He actually won a game as a starter.

And how many points of that win were scored by the D and special teams?

a game of Singles eh?

Prtinters yes if he returns and hopefully to my Argos.
As for Palmer, he is a stiff and cannot play in either league.

I have said all along Printers will be an Argo. Obviously it's just a prediction, but everything makes sense and comes together when you talk about
-The Argos need a future QB
-him learning from Damon for 1 more year.
-Spending a year on practice roster then wanting to play real ball
-Argos are one of few teams that will pay enough to satisfy
-The NFL's perception of the Argonauts. They are the best road back to the NFL.