Casey Printers is looking good tonight

He is doing so good with his rushes and passes, BC NEEDS HIM BACK!.

He was visibly upset at the end of the game too. Seems like he really cares and has become a team player.

Good with his passes??? he was 12 for 22, that is only 54%. The reason why Hamilton was in that game was because of the ground game, they rushed for 260 yrds. Why would we want him when we have B.P.

please get over printers! he's hot he's cold he unpredictable unreliable! let it go! Printers is in a downward sweep! thank god he some other teams problem! not the Lions! If your that in love with him ask him out! I think he's single! we got rid of a problem why ask it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He played much better tonight and for once looked like a leader. Having said that Jason Meadlock and Casey Printers are not welcomed in BC anymore. I don't want that selfish ego as our quarterback.

Plus if healthy, Buck is the real deal.

No we don't. :thdn: :thdn: He split the dressing once already.

After watching another awful Printers display on Saturday and seeing him "Berate" his linemen, it re-enforces that I am so glad he is NOT in BC!