Casey Printers is back on the BC LIONS!

I say this is very good! He feels very comfortable with BC, I say put him in as starter RIGHT AWAY. Here comes our grey cup.

well not right away, once he knows the play book and is in rhythm and feels comfortable and everything.

Ya just saw that in the news. Crazy! Well lets hope for the best


Oh and...


Casey really has to earn the respect of the veterans and the team before he can take hold and have a real impact. The team has to believe in his ability and his attitude as a leader and a team player. I hope that he has done some growing up in the last couple years and has a different point of view. If so, we could see the development of a great cfl QB, baring no injuries.

Good luck with that one BC :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

As a Ti-Cat fan.....
I was glad to hear that Wally is giving Printers, one last chance, in the CFL.
And I believe this will be Casey's last shot....
The problem with Printers, at least with his time in Hamilton....was the size of his own head.
Not to mention...what I believed to be very ' suspect ' injuries during games, that he was doing very poorly in....resulting in him not playing for the balance of the game. Ya...I know that sounds a-bit-over-the-top, and I'm not saying he really did that.....BUT.... thats what I thought, at those times.
Anyway...with all the negitive crap aside....I'm glad Wally is giving him a shot.
I just hope that Casey has eaten enough "humble pie" since my Ti-Cats dumped come down to earth, with the rest of us.
And if he of luck to him.
The guy was great....when he was with the Lions.
Perhaps....he will be again, and that would be great, not only for B.C. but for the CFL as well. :thup:


So how many QBs do we have now??

I'm hoping this will be one of the biggest come back stories of all time........ good luck Casey!!! :rockin:

Maybe I should start a thread for this....

“I still want to be a B.C. Lion because of the city. I don't know where I'd be if people weren't coming up on a daily basis saying how 'we really respect and idolize you.? - Casey Printers

This is floating around on the internet. Has NOBODY forgot some of the things this guy said after heading for the NFL, or when he was a TiCat?
Can't imagine what this guy is like in the dressing room, being a legend in his own mind that is.

Guess the Leo's are giving up on the rest of 2009 :frowning:

I am glad that there are still Lion's fans who remember who Casey Printers is. "My team" but "your mistakes" was a common theme.
If he plays, we'll cheer because we're true fans but if he fails..... there'll be plenty of "I told you so"s.
Too bad since it's the only game I can attend (BC @ Calgary) and he makes his debut possibly?
Oh and..
Ugh. (that was a great post BTW)

Reasonable and low risk move to bring back Printers. Oddly, some players have magic chemistry with some teams but not others. Printers still has talent and youth to try for a resurrection of career.

I wouldn't get too excited just yet, he's only on the $500 a week practice roster for now but having said that this could be explosive for the future of this team. He's 28 now, says he's learned his lesson and may be their premier QB for years to come and one of the best in the league; IF he can stay healthy and throw properly.
Good luck Casey, look out CFL. :thup:

From what I understand there is...

  • Jarious Jackson (injured)- Buck Pierce (injury prone)- Travis Lulay (the future?)- Zac Champion (very cool name)- Casey Printers (makes 5)

Thanks. Sometimes a few words can better express, how you feel, than a thousand. :slight_smile:

I honestly do not think Wally is going to go through this whole charade and not sign Printers, which I just don't understand because he is so good at finding U.S. players. Your going to tell me that Printers is the only QB in the states that would play in the CFL? Hard to believe. All I can think it that Wally believes that Printers already knows the league, the league rules and possibly how B.C. is run. This way he can get playing sooner rather than later with a steep learning curve.

I believe this move is more for next season than this season. I'll take it for what it's worth right now. I'll pass judgement when the time comes

Um well
1 backup who thinks he's a starter but he's injured

1 starter who should be a backup, and he's injured but not bad enough to not take the first series of snaps before he gets pounded into the turf.

1 backup Rookie who may be a starter some day or not, he may never get a chance to find out"here" because we play spin the quarterback with our "top 2" and whoever has less injuries starts.

2nd backup who:as stated earlier has a nice name.
A retread who was a backup, became a starter due to injury to our starter, then we followed teh tried and true that a "starter can't lose his job due to injury" that Wally follows, and we ended up keeping our "Buck Pierce" of 2005 DD and letting this backup / Starter go south. he's back with a hopefully better not bitter attitude ( an attitude that just about anyone would have a right to, when you earn the spot on your play, becoma a league MVP and then get told back to the pine for you)

Hopefully Casey will get a fair shot, hopefully he will show the trust in him is warranted, and hopefully with a better supporting cast here than he had back east, he'll prove his worth.

( Should be easy to catch on Chapdelaine hasn't changed his playbook in over 5 years)

Doyo is probably right, we should have more faith in Wally's decisions.

....although when you look over the years at Wally's great QB's, Printers has the biggest ego of them all and only really had ONE good season - and that was with a true powerhouse team around him.

I'd rather have seen them give Lulay a serious look.

Something I discovered long ago, and it has fit Vancouver's Pro Sports teams so often, and it applies now to our QB's.

We trained hard . . . but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.
Petronius Arbiter, 210 B.C.

I almost feel sorry for Printers , the last time he was here their was a huge QB controversy and now he coming back to another one . This Guy has a black cloud hanging over him. I wish him luck.

"Casey really has to earn the respect of the veterans and the team before he can take hold and have a real impact. The team has to believe in his ability and his attitude as a leader and a team player. I hope that he has done some growing up in the last couple years and has a different point of view. If so, we could see the development of a great cfl QB, baring no injuries."

My sentiments exactly mb_90
Well said!

Hopefully Casey has been humbled having been cut from the NFL. While in Hamilton he was the highest paid player in the CFL. He might have been able to do more in Hamilton but the team as a whole was having its problems and no one player can win it all.

Casey Printers, like Jackson, Pierce and Lulay [or Champion] will need QB protection while in the pocket. If he doesn't get it he will become "Casey at the bat"