Casey Printers Inc.

His love affair continues.....

Too much!!!!!!

Before we get too critical though...I remind all of you out there of

With both of those egos in the same dressing room last season, I'm amazed that there was room for anyone else.

I think this website is evidence that Printers himself knows that his playing days are probably over.

I find it pretty pathetic that he says in his bio that he was the highest paid player in the CFL, but doesn't include reference to his brutal performances while "earning" that cash.

Give the guy a break. As previously noted, he probably realizes that his football career is over and you can not knock the guy for trying to establish a career. If he is running seminars for at risk youth and trying to help them graduate from school I applaud him.

This is true.

However, he could have used a grammar and spellcheck on his site: "While not attaining the marquise player for the Chiefs". Unless, of course, he had pretentions of joining the French aristocracy during his time in KC.

Did the guy TRY while he was here?

Give the guy a break.

Dont blame him for taking the money. If someone called any one of us and offered us that kind of coin we all would have taken it.

Both of these guys - Lumsden and Printers were too big for the team and that is why Printers remains unsigned and the Lumer signed for half of what he was originally offered. I hope the Eskomo's door frames were adjusted for for the size of heads that have to fit through them.

Life's too short to spend much of it castigating former players. It doesn't really matter to me what either of them does. They have the right to earn a living, on field or off. Neither of them is a Ticat now. I wish them both well in their football careers (except when they play us) and in whatever they do otherwise. If they choose to do work that is community service oriented, even better, I tip my hat to them for it.

I think he is doing the right thing by trying to help at risk youth because he is in a position where many youth will look up to him for what he has accomplished. Even though he did not do well (or even good) in hamilton he still had a great overall career and made the mistake that many athletes do and leave after they start their decline. This is why Madden left the business.... well part of the reason because i heard he also wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren

Look I am 1st one that lay Crack on Jesse for not staying Healthy but let me tell he a good Guy.
I got know jesse and he loved playing in Hamilton .
It was just not working Sometime we need a Change that's all of us.

I don't get the impression from this site that Printers is necessarily truly motivated to be a motivational speaker. His website used to promote his abilities as a football player. With that ability in question, he's now shifting over into dealing with at risk youth. Okay, that's good and all but I don't see how his trials and tribulations translate to those of at risk youth. It looks as if he's trying to draw some parallel with his rocky football career?

I mean, anyone from any social class or background can do what they can to help in a noble cause. That's great. But I'm not going to try and tell someone you can do it because I did, when I don't necessarily have a truly trying story to share... I don't see the humility in Printer's cause here.

Leave it to you to bring Lumsden into a conversation at any time.

Having said that:

I'm sure that Casey Printers wanted to win here -- he just couldn't. It's a shame it didn't work out for him.

Casey has always done this (working with kids). He either ran or at least participated in a football camp for underprivileged youths when he played in B.C. Can't the guy breathe without some jackass on the Ticats forum creating some boneheaded post to cut him up?

One of the biggest manifestations of ego is having to knock others down in order to build yourself up, to protect your own ego. Looks like there's a few ego maniacs around here. How'd you fit your heads through the bandwidth?

Bingo! And may I add…“and it’s a shame it didn’t work out for the Ticats”.

That in itself could be said of the last 5 years in Tigertown. But, it’s a New Dawn. :thup: Let’s move on!

i find it scary odd that Als keeps bringing Lumsdens name into threads even when the thread has nothing to do with him !!!

All pro athletes have big egos,  are you telling me that Cahoon , Calvillo and any other Montreal players dont have egos ??

I hope Casey does very well with his business but i also hope he gets a chance to get back intot the CFL and is very successful at it as well . We can never have enough good QBs in the CFL because it is a QB driven league .

Actually I brought JL into this just to annoy you.

Seriously, there is a comparison here.....Both have websites...both are talented beyond belief but for whatever reasons never really were able to attain their true potential. Jesse kept on getting hurt, Printers hurt himself by being a pain in the butt. Jesse showed flashes of being a superstar...Casey was a superstar for a season...

Another thing that they both share is the misguided belief that the fans give a rat's butt about what they do now that one is likely never going to play another down of football, or the other deserted his loving fans and will now be running on the frozen tundra of Edmonton.

BTW, there are plenty of Als with ego and attitude...but AC and BC are about as down to earth as you can get,

Als ive met Jesse on numerous occasions both in university and while he was with the Ticats, and he was nothing but a gentleman with both myself and my kids ,and the fact that he went out of his way to talk to my kids with a smile on his face is proof enough for me that he is a great person as well as being a great athlete !!!

Be that as it may he basically was the first player to lose faith in us which had to be a huge factor in his signing with the Eskimo's. Just 1 more person we need to prove wrong this season which will make a winning season that much sweeter. ( I meant he was the first to lose faith in us this off-season, Jason Goss left us for that reason a few years back, and for the same team too.)

IMO, Jesse's move to Edmonton has nothing to do
with losing faith in the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Jesse was on a slippery slope when he didn't accept
top running back money $150,000 early last season.

Jesse thought he would have such an outstanding year
that the Ticats would pay him even more money.

Jesse continued to miss games with injuries

and the hand writing was on the wall when
Kenton Keith was signed for $140,000.

With that much money committed to Kenton Keith,

Jesse knew he would only be offered an incentive-based contract
for this season and when he asked the Ticats just before free agency

if they would commit to using him as their primary back, they said 'no'

As we read today Edmonton said 'yes.'

As a business decision, he had no choice but to leave.

IMO, it wasn't that he had anything against the Tiger Cats, cheesegod11.

You would have a much better argument re:
Jason Goss' leaving and demanding a trade.

What is it with you people demeaning Jason Goss?

The guy had some pressing personal problems on the home front (that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy, by the way) that were easier to deal with being in the west. He asked for a trade...the Ticats were good enough to make the trade(too bad he turned out to be exactly what he is...AN ALL STAR and what we got in return for him didn't work out) :roll:

His family is doing better now. That is what is important in the BIG PICTURE.