Casey Printers: I'm still a fan

I just want to say for the record that I believe that Casey Printers is one of the best QB's in the league and that he WILL lead us to a Grey Cup before his career is over.

Sure he hasn't thrown a TD since being a Ticat. Whatever. Last year doesn't count. He came into a train wreck and didn't know the offence (not like we had one). This year isn't such a huge concern either. He doesn't get a chance to throw into the endzone. Lumsden is too good - LOL! So if Jesse would just stop breaking tackles and running into the endzone maybe Printers would have some passing TD's! :slight_smile:

Printers hasn't played in meaningul games in like 2 seasons... it takes time to get into the swing. He's already played well... but by midseason watch out. I bet he goes on a tear.

Anyways, guess I just wanted to add some positive vibes to this site!

Go Cats Go!

I'm with you Rusty!!! and thank you for the positive vibes.

Right on, rusty25.

I agree with you totally.


By the way, in the first four games
the leading CFL QB had 4 TD passes.

One TD pass a game. What's the big deal?

Printers had enough leadership ability and class not to criticize the O-Line in post-game interviews even though they hung him out to dry against Edmonton. And he didn't cut up Scott Mitchell or O'Neil Wilson either, even though they couldn't catch a pass to save their life in that game.

Printers can be effective if everyone else around him does their job professionally.

im still a printers fan!

im with u guys i think the o line has to step up and block for this guy(printers) cause watchin other teams these QB's r getting all the time in the world!!!!!!

He's just rusty. He hasn't been a full time starter for a while and he's going through some bumpy times right now. His time in KC obviously didn't help him any because everyone knows you can't replicate game speed in practice. So his 2 or 3 years down south set him back. But you're right, he'll be fine, just give it time.

We will be in the Grey Cup.....yes you heard right, before this decade is done we will win the Cup

I’m with you guys 100 % If Casey has an O Line and receivers who understand and recognize a blitz - hot routes - come back to the ball- screen pass - watch out the team could cause some major damage.

I don't even think it's that he's rusty. He's not as sharp as he could be though. It's that it's a total team game and this offense as a whole (of which he bears some responsibility as well) just isn't there yet. I don't buy this "make your teammates" better jibberish that some have been saying he should be able to do. I don't know what that means. Put whoever you want in there and unless he's amazingly talented, he will not do a whole lot better, if at all. The offense has to be clicking, and they're not. They just dont' look like a unit out there and I don't know what the problem is. And yes, I'm a fan until he proves that he can't do it any more. So far, I'm not convinced he can't.