Casey Printers has to start Friday against Sask!

Come on gimme a break! Get rid of this Buck Pierce!

Let's start with da man Casey Printers Friday night vs. the Riders!

It's time to get the guy in there who will get us wins. Buck isn't cutting it.

Casey is da man!

ya its been proven to us many times that buck pierce really can't win us games right when dickenson left we started to go down hill in our offence buck pierce is good but from what i've seen he can't really even finish sometimes he can't even get started but yeah i would like to see casey printers starting against saskatchewan like come on ever since he was a back up buck couldn't really do anything all those concussions must hve really messed him up so i think wally its time to throw buck away

Ok, Ok....
I agree with you guys that Buck Pierce is no Dave Dickenson. However as all of the clowns in Vancouver seem to think that Casey is such a superstar.... What are you guys gonna do if (WHEN) Casey doesnt bring the Grey Cup home?
.... Or does everybody jump on the 'Lulay' or whomever-the-media-tells-you-is-next bandwagon?

Football test, pick out the most important word: Football Team
(answer is TEAM)

We could have Dave back at his prime right now and we'd only be 7-5 at best. Our receivers aren't helping a whole lot, poorly timed penalties and a defense that can't stop the run.
As much as I know people in Vancouver love to pin it on one or two people, there's a lot more than that on the field.
Also, even if Printers even remembered the old playbook, does he know the receivers, Mallett and the new O-Line? No. He doesn't. IF we do go with him, he needs a few more weeks to get used to how things are NOW, not back in 2005.

i think we are a long shot to win the grey cup but like everyone i still believe but if casey doesn't do good then we could try lulay but also we do have jarious coming back from injury in a couple of weeks but if we play casey and jarious comes back that pretty much means lulay isn't even the third string but if casey doesn't do well then he won't be starter but buck has had lots of starts i just don't see him as a #1 QB he doesn't make those huge plays every other QB makes i've Jarious make them and hopefully casey can do them too. but if buck is starting next week to not be third string when Jarious comes back i think he needs a really good game and he needs to win it.

Gee YoEleven...

I was going to say football cause I figured without a football ya can't play the game! Glad you gave the answer. :rockin:

I thought BP played pretty well and could have won the game but it was the D that couldn't stop the run at the end to get the ball back. Plus a few questionable calls didnt' help but you win some, you lose some. Offense looked pretty good and hopefully the D will follow.

I think they should throw a package together to get Joseph out of Toronto. He is in a bad situation there. Get rid of Pierce and grant McCallum his wish to be traded. Joseph is not a backup, he is being stifled in Toronto on many levels. He can help BC.

You shouldn't mention getting Joseph out of the center of the tends to get threads deleted around here.

Simple test.

name 3 of BC's 4-5 quarterbacks

Now Winnipeg, Hamilton and Toronto name 2 from each?....easy
All teams strugglingat that position.

Name Montreals backup and Calgary's off the top of your head?..Saskatchewan may be easier because they have 2 competent Qb's....average fan coudn't...why?
Simple; these teams have a "Starting" Quarterback
Wally tried to do this by naming Pierce to start the year, but as we know that didn't work and now we are in a mixmaster to see who's healthy enough to play.
Pierce takes a lot of flack, even from me, but who here didn't see him in his first season as the next Dunigan?, running reclessly, getting out of trouble, making something from nothing.....then crack, headshot, crack another, now he's a shadow of what he was, and Wally is trying to adjust the boring Chapdelaine offence to fit his style, it isn't working.

Won't matter who the Lions have in on friday as it will just be another day of practice on the field for the Riders :wink:

I’ll take this seriously if Sask was playing at or below B.C’s level without it being a rebuilding season. :wink:

Anybody that thinks we can't win tomorrow should stay home. (AND switch to a different team's forum)

--- Rider fans excluded. See you all under the Dome on Friday for a barn-burner.

Go Lions!

Guys, shut up, buck peirce did awesome, had so much courage!

Hope you enjoyed the practice Riderfan23! :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than two goal line stands, the Rider D got schooled last night.

Pierce embarassed the secondary. Great game! :smiley:

Other than two goal line stands, the Rider D got schooled last night.
Where you watching the same game everyone else was? Chick and Bagg where in the Lions backfield more than Mallett was, Pierce spent more time on the turf than on his feet. The Lions O Line was terrible, Duckett was a turnstile, It's amazing that Pierce could do what he did, and my hat is off to him, I've criticized his work this year, but last night he nutted up. So to say sakatchewan was schooled?......I don't think so.

Yep, this was pretty much the game I watched.

I think the truth is somewhere between. The Lions moved the ball consistently well for most of the game. Pierce took lots of hits but gave up few sacks. A number of the dropped balls could have just as easily been completions (two big ones to Arcenaux). Also, for coming in essentially cold, I thought Duckett did alright. He wasn’t great by any means but as an o-lineman with no CFL experience playing his first game, he did a lot better than most others have faired. I thought the play calling for most of the game (Qtrs 1, 2, 4) was decent for a change.

So I’d say the Sask D wasn’t schooled, but it was beaten soundly.