Casey Printers has decided between HAMILTON and TORONTO

Just on the radio about 2 minutes ago, he has gotten 2 offers from Toronto and Hamilton and will decide in the next day.

His agent said he turned down 2 NFL offers, and 1 of them was a 3rd string spot. Wow that would mean he must be getting a really good deal in the CFL. I would think it's hamilton because they will offer him much, and don't have lots to lose.

Toronto has Bishop!

Bishop is overrated!

Either team has a shot, imo

I think he has a better chance at starting with Hamilton than he does with Toronto. I don't think Toronto is ready to give up on Bishop... not yet, at least.

Will he turn Hamilton around?

What if Printers starts then doesn't score any touchdowns in the 1st half? Will they pull him and put in Maas. Will Printers get three starts in a row if he can't win the first two games?

I know Hamilton has to do something to win but what if they spend $500,000 on Printers and he doesn't give them immediate success what will happen then?

I want Ti-cats to succeed. I want them to be REAL contenders. Is the problem really with the QBs?

Forget Printers. We in Argoland have one and only one QB, and that's the Bish!

Go to Hamilton, Printers. Perfect Scenario: Every eastern final is Argos v. Ti-cats with Ti-cats heavily favoured. Argos blow out Ti-cats. Dmont wins a lot of money. Ti-cat fans b*tch and moan about "Big changes" needed. All is right in the universe.