Casey Printers has ACL surgery

Apparently he had the injury since WEEK THREE and only now has the surgery. Unreal!

Most of us knew he had a knee issue, but this?

Not an orthopedic surgeon...but I know enough about ligament issues to file this under "head scratcher!"

Oski Wee Wee,


If the knee was bad enough to require surgery, it is amazing he was able to play at all!

I'm not sure of Casey's age, but I wonder if he can resume his career next season with an intact knee;
assuming of course he gets picked up by a team, CFL or other.

Casey has a lot of talent, but he may have an ego problem. (IMHO)

He's 29 (born May 16, 1981).

Oski Wee Wee,


So much for my prediction of the blue team signing him. Oh well, there's always next year. Unless of course Casey has worn out his options and welcome in the league. Ottawa will be looking for a QB in a couple of years so maybe that will become an option.

I know that I’m likely to get lambasted for this, but doesn’t him wanting to postpone surgery to try and help the team win fly against all the stuff about Printers only caring about himself? I know that this is but one example – and there are plenty more that show he is egotistical – but he wanted so badly to win that he gutted out the pain.

Also, this shouldn’t come as any surprise (the surgery, that is) because, IIRC, when the injury first happened the rumour was it would put him out for the year. Everyone in BC denied it, but it looks like he probably should have had surgery back in July.

If the ACL was torn in any way in Week THREE, you would a) get it scoped if the tear were minor or b) shut him down if the ACL tear were significant. I would think this purely from a medical standpoint.

Re Printers only caring for himself? Look, he cares about leading a team to a championship -- as most highly-strung egos in team sports do. He cares about the success of the team, particularly as it relates to him making one want to get his/her/its popcorn ready. It is the selfishness, the I'm-above-blame-here toxicity in how blame/responsibility is divvied up as adversity hits that folks identify in him which is offensive to many.

As for playing through injury, there are plenty of examples of admirable, "courageous" examples of playing through pain in sports. Most of these were one-game situations though. I think there is a ratio in things like that: what are your results when playing through this as opposed to allowing a healthy or healthier replacement take up the slack while you recover from the injury.

If one is made the QB solution by the braintrust and kept in there to the detriment of the team, then one can definitely take issue with such "heroics."

My take is that it's the quality of being a good teammate that inspires one's unit to greater things in contexts like that as opposed to the simple act of gutting it out. I'd take the quiet inspiration of a Bobby Orr playing effectively on one leg any day over the kind of tantruming we saw Printers lay on Wilson. And so would Printers's teammates, I'd dare to say.

Oski Wee Wee,


Bad news, Good news for Casey.

Bad news -- it takes a lot of work to rehab from such surgery.
Good news -- he'll believe (likely does already) the injury is what ended his career.

I thought about this potential exit strategy for Printers too. He can adapt his motivational speeches for high school kids to include his unfortunate career ending injury, that he played through the pain of it for the good of his team, blah, blah, blah. Kids are smart enough to Google and have fairly well tuned BS meters these days. Printer's legacy will be tremendous athlete, high potential, lousy attitude, poor results.