Casey Printers Five Game Pack

Get your 5 pack to see the most dynamic player in the CFL suit up for the Black and Gold. The 2004 CFL Most Outstanding Player will lead your Hamilton Tiger-Cats into their second half of the season against perennial playoff teams.

Sept. 15 vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Sept. 21 vs. Calgary Stampeders
Oct. 14 vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Oct. 26 vs. BC Lions
Nov. 3 vs. Edmonton Eskimos

Tackle Box $300
Box $245
Canadian Club $230
Club $190
Upper Reserved $110
Family $80

is printers officially startin in these games?

Just like Lumsden on Labour Day it could be a game time decision!$$

"most dynamic player in the CFL"....pretty bold statement considering he hasnt played a game yet this season.

Well if every player in the CFL was a Free Agent and you had the first pick, who would you pick?

...Ricky Ray.

is that a joke?

Are you joking? Printers has proven nothing. He had one good season in '04, but so did Maas that year(and look at how he has disapointed with the ticats).
Sure Printers is a great QB, but I see too much hype being put into him.

Ray has consistently put up top QB numbers his entire 4 year career, leading the esks to the grey cup 3 of those seasons, and winning the grey cup twice.

What has he done for you lately?

omg, i can bet my house that ray won't go number one. guess who does though... MILT STEGALL.

The best he can with whats been given to him. Still leading or in second place in many of the passing statistic categories in the league. He can't perform miracles and win games when he has the statistically worst defense in the league: the worst and most injured group of DBs, an inexperienced set of linebackers, an inconsistent defensive line, a bum of a defensive coordinator and a severely injured offensive line.

Printers hasn't done much lately either(including his last season- '05 in the CFL).

Oh well, this is the ticats forum i guess stuff like this shouldn't really be being discussed here. Congrats on the Printers signing, but don't expect him to be a messiah, lots of changes still have to be made to your team in order for them to be a contender IMO. Signing a young talented QB(albeit, at a high price) is a decent first move.

"Well if every player in the CFL was a Free Agent and you had the first pick, who would you pick?"

Ditto on Ricky Ray. I like him.
But then again, I also like Buck on BC.

Buck would be your first pick?

I would pick Casey #1 in a fantasy draft, no question.

Ray would be no. 2 if Casey weren't available. Casey being younger, more mobile, and a bigger scrambling threat, I would take the extra time for him to re-establish himself as a elite QB in the league because in the long run (fifty yards or two years, your pick), he's going to be there if the team uses him as a catalyst for significant FA signings and he remains healthy.

It is curious to be in a pissing match over who's got the best QB again. It's been a while.

Ricky Ray is a beast. Arguably the best last-minute-drive-to-win QB I've ever seen in Canada. The fact his O-line is less than stellar and he has to watch his completions from his back half the time only raises my esteem for him. Still, Casey is electrifying to watch. I can only hope his NFL experience will be as valuable to him as Ray's was (albeit brief) with the Jets. NFL rewiring gives QBs greater attention to detail on fundamentals. It will help Casey,I believe, as it has Ricky.

Oski Wee Wee,

Id take Ray over Printers.

Don't get me wrong, Printers is exciting to watch, but you look at what Ray had to work with when Tucker was out and a suspect O-line.

It's a 1 versus 1A choice, IMHO. Kerry Joseph is rocketing up that chart as well. Nice to have exciting marquee players across the CFL at pivot.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ricky Ray easily.

printers would prob be my second choice.

Ricky would be my first pick, but I need a second pick for someone for him to throw to, so I would need Geroy Simon.

:) Hello ticats....I'm a 1st time poster. I have followed the CFL and I'm very intrigued with the CFL. I've order the CFL Sports package here in houston and look forward to watching CFL games. I think the Ticats made a good selection in "Printers", however, I think the CFL has good QB's all over the League, not just in Printers. Printers is certainly a talented young man, but he has not played in a while and like any QB will need time to adjust and get his footing. As far as the money, did Dave Dickerson, Ricky Ray, Anthony Cavillo all get a nice pay day after coming back from the NFL...Why is this player any different? I like your uniforms and think your team is not very far off from winning a few more games. Good Luck and I will be watching this very interesting turn of events for your team. Oh yeah, Tell Mr. Chang, he will have a chance again, because I for one thinks he has some ability, but needs a little more time adjusting to the CFL game.