Casey Printer's first outing in the NFL

[b]Trent Green was 5 of 6 for 34 yards before leaving after the first quarter. Canadian League Football star Casey Printers played the rest of the game and was 6 of 12 for 71 yards with no touchdowns and an interception.

"He was real jittery at times," Edwards said of Printers. "He kept his poise for the most part. He lost it a couple of times, but that's kind of the problem at times of having a young quarterback."

And checking the stats, I also saw that he scrambled twice for 22 yards total.

I watched the game and thought he looked alright. He did leave the pocket sometimes abit early but his first game

yea, i think he had a solid game for his 1st game. I mean i think he will make the Chiefs easily, maybe even as the 2nd string. I think he has the tools to be successful in the NFL.

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According to the guy that writes for the Chiefs Casey ain't gonna make the team, kinda sucks.

"Overall Printers looked like a young quarterback who is not prepared to play in the NFL right now. He’s certainly no-longer a factor when it comes to the Chiefs backup QB job. As long as Croyle’s shoulder injury is not more serious than the team believes, Printers will have a hard time competing for the third QB job. It was really a disappointment, because the young man has some obvious physical gifts, but his discomfort is obvious."

He also has the disadvantage of being from the CFL ... those guys always seem to have a higher hill to climb. It's not really fair. Sounds like he was really nervous ... we all know how good he is! He deserves at least a second chance. the sounds of the media in the states...the chiefs will probably relegate Casey to the back of the bus.... they were not impressed...he may get another shot....but it looks doubtful....Printers will be another returnee ...ala ...Dickenson....Ray....Burris .....etcettera.. etceterra..cuz you're a good qb. up here dosen't seem to translate down in the excited states...and quite similarly...a few nfl qbs. don't fare too well up some cases... :roll: :wink:

I think well be seeing Printers in a CFL unifrom soon, but you never know, could have a good game next time.

its dumb they wouldnt even give the guy a second chance.

then again, thier loss is our gain.

Some of the stuff I've read after the game sounds like they're still giving him another pre-season game . And they are giving him some slack so far knowing he's an NFL rookie and new to their system. Besides , they got Damon Huard and Croyle both out with injury so they'll be giving him some more time.

Damon Huard is back in practise so him and Printers might split the next game.

Maybe he has caught the "Maas Discomfort Syndrome", being with a new team and team mates, I don't know. And then with a new league and smaller field and tighter throwing lanes, albeit with an extra down, it could end up being a disease rather than just syndrome for Casey.

Printer did some good things, he threw a nice bomb late in the game, as well as showing some escapability at times, and he was looking off receivers. His main problem was there were at least 3 plays were he could have run for first downs adding at least 30 yards to his rushing totals but instead threw the ball, on 2 of the throws the ball seemed to slip out of his hand and on the third he forced the ball deep down field into coverage which was picked off.

I think he showed enough promise that Edwards will keep him around as at least a practice squad guy.