Casey Printers fires agent Jason Medlock

Casey Printers has fired his agent Jason Medlock.

He should have done this years ago. Its a step in the right direction.

I agree. Medlock was a contibuting factor to Casey's inflated ego.

Although I am not a Casey Printers fan and have posted replies against his return. I do have to say this is the smartest thing he has done. Maybe Casey has now been brought back down to earth, and realizes it is hard work and team effort that make it not "showboating". That being said I don't think it would be good to bring him back. Wonder what the message was he left for Wally?? Maybe just saying he fired Medlock. If Casey can turn around the perception everyone has of him, he could find a place with some team and perhaps actually have a career in football.

I fully understand why Wally would not want to bring Printers back even at a far reduced salary. I also hope Buck Pierce is ready to take the next step towards become an elite CFL quarterback.

That said, only Doug Flutie created the kind of buzz Printers generated during his magical 2004 season and even until this day any kind of news regarding him gets people's attention. It's something the Lions shouldn't forget.

Could you imagine the amount hype for the first day if training camp with Printers showing up?

It depends what the Lions organization values more:

  • a winning team

  • more fans in the seats

From a football perspective, which Wally is in charge of, Printers brings to the table a distraction.

From a business perspective, which Chayka is in charge of, Printers presence is good as it puts butts in seats.

How do your reconcile the two objectives?

As long as attendance keeps going up, there's no reason to bring anybody in for that reason.

since when do you figure attendance is going up?

I think Gilchrest's article sums it up right:

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This line from the article says it all:

[u] There's nothing wrong with Printers athleticism. He was voted the CFL's most outstanding player in 2004. In fact, he just might be more talented than either Pierce or Jackson. And he's still only 28.

It's other stuff with Printers. [/u]

That line....Its the other stuff with Printers!

We don't need a distraction like Printers.

hahahaha wat??? Have you not noticed the attendance numbers increasing over the last 6 years?

The Lions attendance records (which can be viewed in the 'History' section of

2003: 212,881
2004: 240,275
2005: 293,528
2006: 280,708
2007: 292,108
2008: 306,744

So I see Uncle Jason did not make the cut anymore! It's about time he did more harm then good for KC It is never good to hire a family member to be your agent they always have a twisted view of who the person really is and fills their heads full of hot air case and point Eric Lindros 8)

Casey who....

I honestly cannot remember a guy that screwed up his career as bad as CP excluding guys that got into drugs or law trouble. There was such a buzz about the guy and the Lions when he was here . The guy was bigger than a rock star. I knew he screwed up when he left, and it really is too bad it happened Its like when grunge killed hair metal and everyone quit listening to it over night.

I don't give a rat's ass how those other two greenhorns did in the pre season game. Casey Printers is proven material and he should be signed now.

He has one great season and has $hit the bed ever since. Ego + big salary = no way! I'd rather have Buck in there before Casey unless things have massively changed with him.

I know you want your brother to get a job in the CFL but Printers had one good year.....Period. All he's proven is that he has a massive ego, he is a locker room distraction, and he blames all his other team mates with out looking in the mirror.

.....will his re- signing come with 'cell phone privileges' on the sidelines sport.....I thought Wally was done with this guy....but apparently not... :roll:

Wishful thinking by Printer's relatives in Vancouver. Wally is a lot smarter to bring that cancer bck into the dressing room.

If a season ending injury happened to Buck Pierce, I'd still stick with (Reluctantly) Jarious Jackson and Zac Champion.

If you look at Wallys past the only qb he has taken back was DD . Im sure theres another star that will emerge from either ZC or Lulaby or both.