Casey Printers Courage

We've all observed and read about Dave Dickenson's courage....well deserved...but perhaps not enough about Casey Printers courage.

Casey Printers won the MVP award and led the Leos to the Grey Cup with a very painful toe injury. The injury required the toe to be frozen each game and the toe had to be protected so that Casey could not put any weignt on it. That he played so well with this injury last year is incredible. Unfortuntely the injury resulted in a changed throwing motion, leading to this years rotator cuff problem.

Printers, with no off-season regimen, a very limited training camp, few practice reps all season, and hardly any practice reps before the Hamilton game has faced incredible challenges when required to step in this year.
While he hasn't played to last years form what he has accomplished, in the Edmonton and Hamilton games is amazing, based upon those factors.

I'm hoping that Casey woke up this morning with his arm feeling well and will have a good game, having taken 60% of the practice reps this week.

Dickenson, in todays Vancouver Sun, recognizes Casey's incredible talent and the obstacles he's faced when stepping into game action. Classy of Dickenson to say so and also very true. Printers has never whined about not having practice preparation following his performance in games...only taking responsibility for needing to play better.

Quarterback is a leadership position and both Printers and Dickenson demonstrate that in abundance.

lol ok.. did you run over his dog or something?

Actually, one of the first things he said in his post game interview was about not practising and needing more reps in practise. So your comment about never whining about not having practise prep is not entirely correct.

schmoo- if you listen to Casey in the media regularly you will realize that what he says is not whining as he has been hurt then recently down with strep throat. That is what accounts for the reps issue in practice.

The Lions have been great with reps for four QBs in practice and this is a lot more than most teams do at times. But in CP's case it has been more linked to his injuries and then the recent strep throat that accounts for his limited reps.

I agree with Blitz that some aspects of his game have been taken for granted and that he is a tough player also. It is just DD being older gets him more accolades for the hits.

One thing I liked in the Hamilton game last night was them sitting McManus on all short yardage plays ensuring he didn't get a knock and keeping Khari in the game mentally and as part of the team. I loved Khari getting that TD off an option. I know, in cold weather, that stuff can be problematic, but I sure liked it last night in that game.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....