Casey Printers at it again?

This guy sure knows how to leave an impression. This is from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Can a QB fail QB U?

Sure can. Every time a QB is grilled by the head coach in the classroom or steps on the field he is being evaluated. Kelly referred to a QB who attended their free-agent camp in Florida this spring and did not leave a good impression: "I can tell you this: there was a particular quarterback down in Florida who thought he knew more about the game than he did. He came off in a manner that wasn't conducive to someone who wanted to be part of a group. That's what I'm looking for: people who want to contribute and learn and help mould this whole thing together."

Asked if that QB in Florida was Casey Printers, the former CFL Most Outstanding Player, Kelly laughed and said: "I didn't say any names now, did I?"

Mike Kelley will lhao at the end of the season when his team goes 4-14. Good luck with Lafors, Dinwiddie and all the other hobos he'll be starting throughout the season

Haha, that's funny man, thanks for the article. Just goes to show you that Printers is a tool, i'm glad he's gone.

I can name someone else who thinks he knows
more about the game than he actually does.

Mike Kelly!

If you asked me, cheesegod11, I would
take what he says with a grain of salt,

having read the comments that Mike Kelly has made

and having seen the actions he has taken since
becoming Head Coach of Winnipeg this off season.

But that's the coaches job ron, right or wrong, not the qb's.

There is zero chance the Bombers will compete on offense this year with the unproven/mediocre QB's they currently have. Printers may be a jerk, but he is better than anything else the Bombers have at QB.

Kelly will be reminded of his after Winnipeg goes 0 and 5 to start the season, and he is fired.

Funny how one day he says workout results will stay private out of respect for the players involved and then he says something like this, knowing full well that the reporters will know who he is talking about, Can't get much more coward then that. Typical Mike Kelly. Says one thing then does the oposite, he'll get his...

Yeah, and like waving a gun around and chasing your girlfriend down in a car like Jason Armstead (who is still on the Bomber roster) makes you more of a team player?
Kelly is a joke.

They should start taking bets in Vegas on when Kelly gets fired.

I’m not surprised to see Cats fans hoping the Bombers suck this year as that is the only way they could make the playoffs, but to see Als fans jumping in as well does surprise me. You can smell the fear coming out of both camps now, I love it.

I'd have said that Kelly is on the thin in he could possibly be the first coach fired in 2009.........but just hang on a sec.

Bauer may not be too quick to pull the trigger. If the Bombers falter out of the gate with a gaggle of inexperienced QBs, many GMs might look at a coaching change, but how can Bauer? Kelly is his one can say Bauer did due diligence here...he just hired Kelly without even seeing who else might be available and without interviewing anyone else (except perhaps for a pro forma talk with Greg Marshall).

Such being the case, Bauer's reputation and perhaps his own continued employment is on the line here as he may give Kelly way more rope than another GM would (and some will doubtless say he already has). Now of course if one of the QBs steps up (say, LeFors) and plays great and the team does well, then Kelly will look like a genius for getting him and jettisoning Glenn, and Bauer will look like a genius for having hired Kelly without considering anyone else.

Now, piggy, yes I am an Als' fan.........but no, no fear coming from where I sit. Frankly I hope the Bombers do well (just not as well as the Als), because I think the CFL needs a wild and wacky off the wall character on the sidelines somewhere in the league, and Kelly fits the bill quit nicely.

And as far as the Cats go, the situation is somewhat similar. Obie annointed Bellefeuille as the head coach without interviewing any other candidates. So again, if the Cats falter, he'll have to be reluctant to tie the can to Bellefeuille, for the same reasons. He didn't do his due diligence, so if Bellefeuille can't cut it as a head coach, it'll be Obie's fault for not considering other qualified candidates as much as it'll be Bellefeuille's fault.

You guys better be stick around these parts if your Bombers well "Bomb". :wink:


I don't think Bauer can ask for Kelly's head this year, Berry is still on the payroll, no way they pay two coaches to sit at home on the couch.

And I don't put you in the Als camp, as you have proven, you are a CFL fan first and Als fan second. :wink:

More wishful thinking. :lol:

Nope, I want a competitive division. The worst thing for me last year was seeing the Eskimos come East for the final.

Why ? That's the beauty of the CFL, nothing ever turns out the way it was supposed to from one year to the next. Well, unless your Hamilton. :lol:

Says the fan who's team hasn't won a championship in 20 years :lol:

Yeah I know, I know. Mike Kelly is going to change all that :wink:

Well, I could say something about the Als owner not giving a ratsass about the health of the league and spending out of control, but those days are over now and in the past, where it should stay.

I can FEEL the season coming on ! :rockin:

As this thread shows, CP is old news... The new icon of futility is going to be Mike 'Cut 'em all' Kelly.

I haven't enjoyed schaudenfraude like this since the glory years of Reinbold. Just hope Kelly shows up to the stadium in a Harley...