Casey Printers and Dave Dickenson to sing O'Canada at Grey c

... Just heard it on the news. Casey and Dave will sing a duet of O'"Canada prior to the start of the Grey Cup. Should be great as they worked so well in tandem this year. Oh yeah, heard it from Marty York!

CFL Rocks

another one of turkeys snorefests.

Snorefest? Nah.....just cute clean humour.....

this is kanga-quality nonsense.

No, Kanga-quality nonsense would be Edmonton and Montreal playing with 4-point long distance field goals and a halftime round table about expansion to Thunder Bay and Alaska as the Black Eyed Peas perform to a backdrop of Anime illustrations.


Good one.

At least Turkey has a musical background.........How many hit songs have made the forum?


too true!

I'll try to be more musical with more techno, dance, and trance music with my postings in the future! j/k :lol:

BTW, good one TB!