Casey Printers agrees to extension with Leos

The BC Lions Football Club announced this evening that quarterback Casey Printers has agreed to terms on a contract extension. As per club policy, terms of the deal were not released.

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Good news but this means that somebody else will have to pack up and move.

this is not news. like announcing that the sun will rise tomorrow.

Good! I'm glad you inked Casey.. This means that my tickets to Empire this season are a tad more entertaining. =) HOORAY!

Yes!!! Now I won't need to worry about rain gear for a home playoff game... Because with Printers at the helm we'll be lucky to even crack the post-season.

Oh, nevermind, I promised to hold off on ranting about Printers' horrendous win/loss record (other than that ONE season) untill we get closer to camp. comment... I don't want to rant and start something... I might upset GeroySimonFan.....!! So I will hold off until training camp is over and see where things land.


There's another shoe or two to drop. . . now that Printers is signed, I expect that of Pierce, Jackson, Lulay, and Champion, one or possibly two will be shown the door prior to training camp. . . either by way of trade or outright release.

Well, the answer to the previous post is out, Buck is gone.

As for how Printers will do this season; I'll wait to judge until he has a proper training camp under his belt and has started 3 or 4 games this coming season. Anything else is really wild speculation.